Diva Darling!

August 29th, 2011 Posted by Janelle comments (21)

When it comes to content, Vogue Japan is always audacious: diva themed editorials are par for the course, but Crystal Renn never fails to add her own panache. With bright makeup by Jessica Nedza and a host of equally vibrant ensembles chosen by Anna Dello Russo , Crystal looks stunning in Giampaolo Sgura‘s lush images.

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  1. jake says:

    shes so dramatic. love the last picture in particular

  2. TeeVanity says:


  3. yurmamma says:

    LOVE! she is SOOO skinny right now!

  4. Taylor says:

    Crystal rocks in these!


  5. Marty says:

    I love Renn she’s gorgeous, and stunning in these pictures. But it kinda sucks she fall into being skinny but she still is a beautiful girl big or skinny. I always know when Anna Dello Russo styling she love big,over the top jewelry i love her styling and it’s nice to see Sgura because he is Anna’s favorite photographer. OVERALL i love this editorial, the work of Renn and Vogue Nippon AMAZING.

  6. Teng says:


  7. Urbano Moda - Steve Jones says:

    Some great works coming out on these Japan srticles, I noticed Arthur Elgort has just done some also. I need to click up a little and get more in step. Thanks for sharing this.

  8. Anna says:

    Love Crystal but is she still considered plus Size ??? i hope not she is as thin as any other girl Such a shame

  9. carola says:

    She looks like Linda Evangelista in some pics.

  10. D. says:

    She looks amazing… That second picture is killer..!

  11. jenea says:

    I like the colour of her lipstick ! And that yellow line on her eyelid gives a charm to entire picture !

  12. Franka says:

    Beautyful girl: skinny or PLUS-size 😉

    But it’s weird, that when her book ‘Hungry’ came out (in the Netherlands), she was allready skinny again… Not a consistent role-model.

  13. jeffrey rue says:

    Not my style..nothing other than the colour of the clothing POPS..her soul isn’t into it, grasping you to spend more time on the page.

  14. hollywood sentinel says:

    great model – super hot images here

  15. lulu lovefiend says:

    well hello, jackie O! love the styling, and it does go well with the makeup. not too shabby, but not that great either. if she’s healthy and happy then im okay with her weight loss. there are other plus size beauties out there and i hope they get as much recognition. her body was banging when she had a few more kilos though(her bikini ed with demarchelier was divine)

  16. Top says:

    Love the styling n make-up so chic..

  17. akiapicart says:

    strong ’Impressionism’ with kineticism-eyes,
    is hair did moved? dramatic-shadow.

  18. Fanny says:

    LOVE the colors and the styling. All the pictures are georgeous!

  19. Michael says:


  20. Michael says:

    Every single shot! Beatiful!!!!

  21. Voguemafia says:

    amazing spread. the makeup, the colors. fabulous.


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