Bare Essentials

June 3rd, 2009 Posted by Janelle comments (10)

Doug Porter and Missy Rayder take a clothing optional approach in the latest Numero with a revealing editorial by Matthias Vriens. Are you feeling the heat of the bare it all editorial or do you prefer a little something left to the imagination?



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  1. ryder says:

    LOVE! it’s miss Rayder 🙂

  2. raie says:

    oh baby bare it all is perfectly fine 😀

  3. denniswilliams says:

    I guess if editorial rates are all you can demand to stand around naked -then again the post work is so heavy handed it could be anyone.

  4. prabal says:

    very sexy

  5. Maria says:

    It reminds me a lot of Linda Evangelista photos

  6. debby says:


  7. jojo from thailand says:

    very nice

  8. darth020 says:

    hasn t Helmut Newton done this much better before ?

  9. Deedee04 says:

    Where can someone in the Chicago area go to buy Numero? I cant find it anywhere. And its practically the best fashion mag out there.

  10. JT says:

    OMG LOVE! =)

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