Punk Spirit

August 8th, 2011 Posted by Janelle comments (8)

Fabien Baron.
Marie-Amélie Sauvé.
Karmen Pedaru.

A team of fashion’s most innovative talents join forces for Interview‘s stylish take on the season’s tough, punk inspired looks. Aaron de Mey and Eugene Souleiman transform Karmen into a rebel with hair and makeup, but the devil may care attitude that makes the story is all her own.

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  1. Bckls says:

    That cut is pretty fucking amazing, glad they kept the one.

  2. Marty says:

    I love Karem, just amazing.
    I love the styling too.

  3. Josh says:

    MDC, please put Karmen in the top 10!!!

  4. Dawn Sutti says:

    Fabulous “Devil may care attitude” team work in creation of Punk Spirit….Karem is perfect in the awesome look!!

  5. IS THIS IT? models review says:

    Personally pretty unexpected, just like seeing Anais Pouliot without 90% of her body bare naked (hehe just to give an idea *_*’), but I have to say these have been a welcome surprise for sure; Karmen is really a great model, and can do practically whatever very well imo.

  6. Boogie says:

    Wish there was more rebellion and more punk…..

  7. TpC says:

    love the hair, ghetto blaster, some of teh clothes… looks like quite a bit of 80s new wave influence

  8. ffiend says:

    not quite my idea of punk..almost but not quite.

    like ‘boogie’ said,looks more new wave which i guess is close enough

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