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May 29th, 2009 Posted by Janelle comments (15)

Myf Shepherd is on a roll! The breakout star shows just how versatile she is with a Vogue cover and a stellar editorial in Numero. For Vogue Australia Myf’s natural charm shines through as she models cool local label, Romance Was Born with a friendly girl next door grin on her face. For Numero Myf flips the script and goes in a wildly different direction playing a geisha girl for Sofia Sanchez and Mauro Mongiello, the transformation is astonishing and Myf all but disappears into the role.





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  1. that girl says:

    hate the cover love everything else

  2. lanvinray says:

    luv luv Myf! the numero is kawaii! Though I wish she’s not smiling on the cover of aussie vogue, it looks very commercial…should’ve been a teen vogue cover but I still luv Myf!

  3. chuck says:


  4. Derek says:

    I really love this girl.

  5. Derek says:

    …but why doesn’t she have a New York agency yet?

  6. Betty says:

    Just added it to her database. She’s been with Next NY.


  7. Sohyle says:


  8. jake says:

    i agree with lily but think hilary is much prettier. i dont like the name Myf, weird.

  9. Betty says:

    Myf is a nickname, short for her longer name. Some people might think the name Jake is weird 🙂
    I happen to like Jake (and Myf), the names. Short sweet and memorable.


  10. zoee says:

    i love her. the editorial is so beautiful.
    i often find aus vogue to commercial
    but she looks nice.

  11. lavinea says:

    like the editorial, not the cover…

  12. Larapixie says:

    beautiful editorial!

  13. amanda says:

    cover might be commercial
    but at least she’s Australian wearing local
    and not a re-print
    us kids down under get sick of re-reading

  14. Toni K says:

    New, smooth side of Myf. Great! Development goes on.

  15. Daniel says:

    Hmmm…I don’t think I like that cover. The shirt and pose isn’t really working. She is pretty though.

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