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July 30th, 2011 Posted by Janelle comments (12)

There is always something delightful about a nice accessories edit and Raymond Meier‘s collaborations with Elissa Santisi for Vogue set the bar. Filled with bright colors and killer pieces the duo’s stories are sometimes the most fun thing in the entire magazine. This month’s offering is no exception: Mixed Media features rising Vogue favorite  Anais Mali  sporting some of the season’s true standouts : take a look at those glitter encrusted silver ankle boots by Miu Miu or the killer python slingbacks from Dries Van Noten.

HAIR Kamo MAKEUP Lisa Houghton PROP STYLING Charlie Welch

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  1. CHUNGKIT says:

    It’s so refreshing to see a model of color in an only girl story for American Vogue. Anais Mali looks lovely. Hope we keep seeing more of her everywhere!

  2. Marty says:

    The styling is amazing, Wow Miu Miu and Prada look so amazing being photographed I love this.

  3. Dom says:

    Anais M. >>>>>>>>>> Anais P.

  4. Mat says:

    anytime I see something from Elissa in american vogue, I always think about that scene in The September Issue when Anna just calls her work “always the same”. LOL

    But she is truly a great editor. Maybe she needed that tough love. Cause this and her most recent stuff kills it 🙂

  5. /= says:

    I think it’s funny how black/dark skinned models always get in the very back of this magazine.

  6. /= says:

    I’ve been subscribing for four years and have this issue ;]

  7. forreal says:

    girl is HOT

  8. Things I Like says:

    this snake skin trend is pretty cool and Anais looks pretty.

  9. Safari Disco Club says:


  10. My Fashion Medicine says:

    This is quite stuning!! They coud go in a stronger directon but it is quite good!!

  11. Fanny says:

    The colours are amazing, especially in the lost photo.

  12. glunge says:

    anais is beautiful!

    mat – you should see elissa’s work from harper’s bazaar if you’re not familiar with it. it was really special.

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