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July 29th, 2011 Posted by Janelle comments (23)

September issues are coming in fast and Vogue Australia steps it up with an incredible cover featuring Katie Fogarty. The eye catching image by Kai Z Feng is bright, beautiful and true to the “fashion force” headline. Take a look inside the issue to see Naomi Smith‘s on point styling, featuring a slew of designer LBD’s in black lace and satin.

HAIR Roberto Di Cuia MAKEUP Benjamin Puckey

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  1. anlabe says:

    That’s indeed a flawless cover! Wow

  2. Marty says:

    KATIE FOGARTY! for the September issue?, WOW my wishes have been answer. I think the cover is strong and those eye’s SAY IT ALL.

    I know people are going to bash Kaite, “Not good”,”she’s didn’t do a good job” WHATEVER, you deserve EVERY bit getting your OWN cover, this is more to come
    Good Job, i mean Great Job Katie.

  3. Joe says:

    Such a beautiful cover .It reminds me of Italian vogue covers from a few years ago . Like the ones that put Agyness Deyn and Meghan Collison on the map

  4. Josh says:

    I thought this was Snejana in the thumbnail at first glance. Some hardcore Snej fans are gonna be dissapointed lol. Anyway, Katie looks great. If she could get that ridiculous walk together, she could be quite a power player.

  5. Andrew says:

    that’s pretty damn good for Vogue Australia and Katie.

  6. ff says:

    I have to recognize that first i didn’t like Katie, but after these last seasons i think she is so underrated. Beautiful shots, love Dolce and Vuitton.

  7. Gustavo says:

    it looks like Vogue Australia is trying to copy VI, but, of course, that would be impossible given the visual poorness of this editorial. At least Katie was nicely dressed.

  8. D. says:

    Woah this is the best I’ve seen her. I’m not really a fan, but she looks REALLY good. Cover actually reminds me of Caroline Trentini no?

  9. charlotte says:

    wow she looks amazing!

  10. vera says:

    she is beautiful!

  11. Polina says:

    she is soooo beautifull

  12. Dom says:

    Vogue Australia’s March and September covers are always on par with the likes of VP and VI. Why don’t they do more covers like this the rest of the year?

  13. Liz says:

    Beautiful! One of the best cover in this year!!!

  14. Rermthom says:

    I think she looks like Constance mixed with Isabeli Fontana

  15. gav says:

    I love Vogue Australia’s clean cover. Katie looks great here.

  16. kiki says:

    Spot on Rermthom. Especially on that cover shot. I have to say that I’ve grown to like Katie Fogarty and that cover shot is beyond. Congrats to her!

  17. Bckls says:

    Loubs and Vuitton

  18. Benjamin Kanarek says:

    Katie looks great. I love working with her.

  19. pony says:

    she is one of the most beautiful models, she always delivers, she is a unique personality, simple girl with passion and drive. katie is great. i love this. loooove.

  20. Nádia says:

    Love the pink lipstick in the cover! The styling in the whole editorial is amazing!

  21. My Fashion Medicine says:

    KATIE!! I love her so much…im so happy that she got the cover!! She looks stuning!!!

  22. Madisyn says:

    go katie go!

  23. VG says:

    one of the best vogue covers/spreads in recent months. great!

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