A Few Good Men

July 29th, 2011 Posted by Janelle comments (16)

In case you’ve haven’t had enough of phenomenal previews from the newest edition of Love Magazine, take a sneak peek at Alessandra Ambrosio, as a dashing naval sailor in Boo George (London: Streeters London, Los Angeles: Streeters Los Angeles, New York: Streeters New York)‘s beautiful story from Issue No. 6. Alessandra is worlds away from her bombshell persona and she disappears into her role with panache. Sporting naval inspired looks selected by Anders Solvsten Thomsen, Alessandra looks phenomenal. We’re excited to see the rest of the story, which also features George Barnett, Alexander Beck, Sid Ellisdon, Danny Fox, Julius Gerhardt, Tommy Kristiansen, Robert Knighton, Kate King & Hannah Noble.


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  1. Marcos says:

    Alessandra está incrível. Linda a brasileira.

  2. k says:

    she makes a very pretty man

  3. Nik says:

    It’s amazing to me after all this time to Ale’s high fashion print. She should’ve been doing this her whole career!! She really has such strong features.

  4. Teng says:

    wow. shes such a star

  5. Nik says:

    Took me a sec to translate Marco, but I agree. 🙂

  6. Rafael says:

    amazing!! *_*

  7. ginger says:

    This is how a VS model does fashion! wow she really captured the essence. I wopuld like to see the other one note sex bombs take a risk like this.

  8. Dbrown says:

    OMG It took me a moment to relize who that was. This girl is amazing.

  9. Alessafan says:

    she’s so like so freaking beautiful! She’s like a godess!!!

  10. Rermthom says:

    She’s so handsome!!

  11. elven says:

    why didn’t they just use Baptiste? They have the same face..he is the male version of Alessandra, lol

  12. Nádia says:

    @Elven, never thought about that, but you are quite right! :O

    I’m not a huge fan of Alessandra, but yeah, she looks fierce!


  13. Eve Harlowe says:


  14. Terence Fuller says:

    i love ally in these pics, she’s so much more edgier and less sexy, proves she is a money maker!

  15. stephen says:

    haha nice….

    and say you thought you had the male face to match or possibly surpass the strong, dominant features in Baptiste?

  16. Ross says:

    It was an absolutely inspired idea to make her a guy. Gorgeous!!

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