The Blondes

May 28th, 2009 Posted by Betty comments (28)

There are blondes and then there’s Agyness Deyn and Luke Worrall. Two of the most recognizable faces of the Brit pack brighten up the new Uniqlo Sport campaign shot by photographer to watch, Daniel Jackson and styled by the ultra hip Nicola Formichetti. It’s easy to see why the 2 Brits are so popular; besides their effervescent energy shining through, they are just so darn gorgeous.


Ph: Daniel Jackson, styled by Nicola Formichetti. pic from Nicola Formichetti.

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  1. jake says:

    i think this ad is hideous

  2. tony long says:

    simply gorgeous 🙂

  3. Michael says:

    LOVE them

  4. SiLViO says:

    i could marry both of them!

  5. marvoi says:

    cheeky last shot

  6. debby says:

    the boy is hot

  7. alex says:

    just wow!

  8. Vinciano says:

    This is the first time I got Luke’s appeal. He’s stunning!

  9. Whodunnit? says:

    I’m not convinced. This looks cheap’n’cheesy to me.

  10. den says:

    black hair rocks

  11. Sohyle says:

    Luke looks great! I cant believe he’s already married!

  12. JS says:

    Not to impressed! But have you seen the new Blaine Cook ads with Modern Chimp?

    Check it out.

  13. Tanya says:

    Gosh, Luke looks beautiful..

  14. Dexter says:

    luke is aging, you can tell… he no longer has his boyish charm

  15. Gaston de Foix says:

    …boring, nothing special at all.

  16. S.s says:

    They totally match!!

  17. jing says:

    this is uniqlo style. very japanese simplicity with a subtle touch of complexity.
    i think its something special from what they usually do.. i like it..

  18. GP says:

    Luke looks like a Ken doll with waxed hair:)

  19. Betty says:


    Actually, I think that models always need to evolve and Luke “aging” is not a bad thing at all. I think he’s becoming very chiseled and is now looking like an elegant young man and not just a beautiful teen.


  20. Whodunnit? says:

    Wow. To say a 19 year old is aging is kinda sick. I can’t stand this attitude that models are over at the first sign of a wrinkle.

  21. karina says:

    agyness deyn kinda hair^_^

  22. BiQUE says:

    Those’re very nice. I really like hair color.

  23. divier says:

    Sohyle says:
    May 28th, 2009
    at 5:19 pm Luke looks great! I cant believe he’s already married!


  24. Jairo says:

    La niña muy simpática… el chico muy flaco… Saludos desde Bogotá-Colombia

  25. Gabrielle says:

    Luke…when I passed by uniqlo I found him and I was shocked. He is really stunning

  26. tt says:

    wow..they’re both so beautiful…and i looove aggy 🙂

  27. John Baker says:


    You need help. That’s all I have to say.

  28. - - says:

    I don’t like his girlfriend.Why it’s not me?TT0TT I really love him.

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