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July 27th, 2011 Posted by Janelle comments (24)

Nothing like seeing fresh faces on a magazine cover to brighten the day!  Milly Simmonds, Egle Jezepcikaite and Yana Sotnikova grace the August cover of Vogue Turkey, with Melodie MonroseHannah Hardy, Sophie Drake, Lauren Brown and Marinet Matthee joining them inside for a colorful editorial. The beautiful studio shots by Cüneyt Akeroğlu provide a showcase for some of the season’s most vibrant looks, as well as a few vintage pieces selected by stylist Ece Sukan.

HAIR Perrine Rougemont MAKEUP Lisa Eldridge PRODUCTION Rosie Bendand at Terrie Tanaka Management

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  1. Lauren says:

    Breathtaking! It looks so clean and chic!

  2. Nik says:

    I really like Turkish Vogue. Cuneyt seems to be very inspired by Meisel. To me, that could so be a VI cover. I see a lot of similarities in his work. Top 5 favorite photographers at the moment.

  3. Dom says:

    Vogue Turkey has the best covers of any edition of Vogue right now.

  4. anlabe says:

    It’s very nice. Not knowing who they are is good sometimes. Really fresh

  5. ewa says:

    it looks vogue italia-ish! which is a good thing.

  6. Michael says:

    OMG!!! AMAZING COVER, BEAUTIFUL EDITORIAL. Absolutely Love it. Really fresh and very chic!!!

    Congrats Vogue Turkey.

  7. kristen74 says:


    I can not take my eyes away, so beautiful

  8. Michael says:

    Unfortunately what this is lacking is the caliber of model to make a great “new face” story, truly great (for me anyways). Still, the story reads beautifully and the girls look great.

  9. Josh says:

    The girl in the center of the cover is beyond stunning. Also a nice surprise to see Melodie.

  10. Safari Disco Club says:

    PROUD TO BE A TURK!!!!!!

  11. ryder says:

    this is the dominant Vogue at the moment! i’m always excited to see it. big congrats to the editor.

  12. samclare says:

    this is stunning. i love cuneyts work, its truly beautiful. and the styling is gorgeous

  13. M Bison says:

    BEAUTIFUL!! Just stunning. Fresh and classic all in one!

  14. IS THIS IT? models review says:

    As I saw it I liked this cover a lot – and it really gives me the “this took out the best possible” (talking about models) impression… impeccable, clean, flawless and eye-catcher.

  15. Seraphine Angel says:

    Also proud to be a Turk!!! 🙂

  16. Bobby says:

    who is Egle?? OMG!!! Amazing!!!

  17. Things I Like says:

    very nice but melodie being in the editorial and not on the cover is a bit random and unfair though?

  18. Things I Like says:

    oh other models are in the editorial too sorry lol

  19. Safari Disco Club says:

    It is very exciting to see how Ece Sukan styled (I’m assuming/hoping it was intentional) Hannah’s headscarf to make it seem like it’s floating in the air. Very feministical and political. WERQ ECE WEEEERQ!

  20. Music says:

    Stunning pictures! That could a be Vogue Paris or Vogue Italy.
    Very nice.

  21. lulu baby says:

    Finally, ladies and gentlemen, miss melodie monrose. i was wondering where she went and why her career didnt take off like anais, tho she does seem like a random casting. the cover packs a punch and its nice to see such a colourful, minimalist fall editorial. cuneyt is proving 2 be a photographer to watch out for.

  22. My Fashion Medicine says:
  23. paris says:


  24. ilk says:

    love the editorial and the idea of fresh faces and bright colours matching..but(there is always a but rite:)) when Ece styles the covers there is this very same attitude (minimalist and very in shape ideas-even how the model looks and poses-) bothers me..i do like her style and i do understand her love of vintage(as i am) but still..but also big congrz that the outfits that they used not the common -in almost every magazine- ones..

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