City of Angels

May 19th, 2009 Posted by Janelle comments (14)

i-D’s 300th issue is an all out model spectacular with three incredible covers featuring dynamic beauties Tasha Tilberg, Sigrid Agren and Raquel Zimmermann. The focus of Tasha’s cover and the corresponding edit centers around the beauty of women who exude power. Kayt Jones‘ ‘100 Iconic LA Women’ spread features Devon Aoki, Jessica Miller, Bridget Hall & Liberty Ross in stark black and white looking intense and wearing next to nothing.


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  1. Michael says:

    It doesn’t get any better….

  2. Fu says:

    Devon is sooo versatile! she is soo beautiful!

  3. Idan says:

    i love the cover! <3

  4. trumancapote says:

    ok the cover s good but the rest..pleaseee

  5. Alex says:


  6. MR.WOAH says:

    TASHA!!! <3 where has she been?

  7. Whodunnit? says:

    I will never tire of Tasha Tilberg.
    What an incredible model…
    The contrast of her angelic face and cutting edge style is thrilling.

  8. curiousKid says:

    Arnt these all ONE models? Other than that Ms Miller, it seems like it? Liberty ross looks like georgina here!

  9. Brazilian says:

    where’s Raquel?

  10. TheCreatrix says:

    I’m not entirely sure what it is about this series that makes me want to salute i-D and Kayt Jones but I truly do Love it. I must say, her’s is also the best of the three Covers for this issue!

  11. krista says:

    these are exquisite!

  12. ryan says:

    i would love to see more devon aokis… petite but full of character

  13. Bobbi says:

    i love akoi SHORT GIRLS RULE
    shes gorgues

  14. linsey says:

    i love devon flawless

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