The Last Mistress

June 9th, 2011 Posted by Janelle comments (15)

Glen Luchford pulls Snejana Onopka into a cool blue world for Vogue Japan: enlisting the icy beauty to play what else, a well dressed woman of mystery. Anastasia Barbieri dresses Snejana in her signature tailored suits, but adds a touch of sex appeal via lingerie looks from Dolce & Gabbana and flowing gowns by Givenchy.

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  1. jake says:

    she is amongst the most beautiful models ever discovered but works less than mediocre models. i have never understood this.

  2. Marty says:

    I love this, I feel like she’s a mistress for a goverment offical, SEXY 😉 i want her.

    no offeence Snejana Onopka your a amazing model,not a hooker.

  3. GP says:

    She is so beautiful.

  4. Eamon says:

    @jake : agree 100%

  5. Antonio Barros says:
  6. Bogdan says:

    Totally digging the high waist trousers. Pretty classic Helmut Newton direction inspiration.

  7. ATP says:

    Please, refrain from making references to lady gaga when it comes to Snejana.

  8. Amaresh Wardha says:

    oh WOW.. this is style!!

  9. Nádia says:

    amazing aesthetic!!!
    glad to see some work from Snejana!

  10. Francesco says:


  11. diablo says:

    Snejana must be one of the most beautiful high-fashion models. I can see she’s not victoria’secret material, but I prefer class and style over boobs and big hair any day!

    She needs to get way more work!

  12. Nigel S. says:

    And a spectacular Prive blazer and tassle sphere..mmmmmmmmm love.

    Snejana is forever. She doesn’t do that much editorial, but she is a bonafied runway Queen B. One of best walkers ever in my view.

    She is stronger and stronger year after year and doesn’t seem to age a shred!

    Stunning editorial.

  13. Nigel S. says:

    But she has certainly become more womanly. As this edit surely dictates.

  14. Ann Singleton says:

    Snejana is so beautiful! so graceful! I can’t understand why she is so ignored by big fashion houses(
    as well as Lily Donaldson(
    they both are so grate high-fashion models!!!

  15. Alessafan says:

    Definitely one of the best faces out there!! and that walk! I dunno why she’s not getting more jobs! I wish she could return to the cover of Vogue Italia!
    She, Lily D, Tanya D…. amazing bodies, faces and walks, and yet little work….
    that’s just wrong

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