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June 8th, 2011 Posted by Janelle comments (10)

With two stories in Vogue Italia‘s latest issue, Robyn Lawley seems poised for great things. Pierpaolo Ferrari‘s graceful studio shoot gives the Aussie beauty a chance to show her range in a variety of glamorous guises: timeless pieces from Valentino and Gianfranco Ferre feature prominently and Giulio Martinelli‘s styling creates a sophisticated look.

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  1. Sheuli says:


  2. PeterModelObsessed says:

    They are so Beautiful!

  3. carola says:

    My favorite of the plus girls is Tara Lynn, but Robyn is lovely too, glad she’s getting so much work! I don’t know if fashion is “changing”, I think the majority will always prefer stick-thin girls, but it’s nice to see these more normal girls getting more work these days. I wish they used them for more than “shape” issues but it’s better than nothing.

  4. Pony says:

    she is “old school” beauty. a classic.

  5. Chungkit says:

    AMAZING! She looks incredible and different in every photo. Sign of a fantastic model. Love.

  6. Nádia says:

    This editorial does not seem consistent to me :/

  7. Marty says:

    I didnt even notice she was Plus Size untill I clikced on her name. Wow Stunning.

    I think Kasia off Top Model should have been on the cover aswell it would have been amazing

  8. Antonio Barros says:
  9. Bogdan says:

    Its not consistent because its showing different fashion period transitions. Or at least it tried.

  10. Pony says:

    yes it’s inconsistent, but i primarily think it is because of the styling. you can not go from grandma office/home look to sexy vintage one. however, i do like Martinelli’s work a lot actually. but not here except 2 red ones.

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