May 10th, 2011 Posted by Janelle comments (13)

Another day, another stunning set of summer covers from i-D Magazine. This time around icon Kristen McMenamy winks for Josh Olins and sports a crown of thorns (view behind the scenes video of her shoot on i-D online) Meanwhile, red hot new face Patrick O’Donnell gives Alasdair McLellan a knowing glance on his summery cover.

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  1. Wixen says:

    Is it possible that a man is more beautiful than a woman ? Patrick is amazing

  2. Franz says:

    Spechless, really im so overwhelmed by this two.
    Kristen, she is probably my favorite model ever, and patrick he is a total babe.. but no matter how perfect they both are, if the picture just does not work it will be such a waste of cover (as it usually is).
    I wish all i-D covers were this consistent, not necessarily this great.. but apparently thats so much to ask for. Next month is going to be a celeb on the cover.. why??

  3. Josh says:

    Kristen is OTHERWORLDY. Just stunning.

  4. dupont says:

    love the white hair

  5. Gustavo says:

    this woman has been the embodiment and definition of high fashion for decades. I worship her image.

  6. Dave says:

    Great covers! I’m glad Patrick is doing so well, such a beautiful man. Although I’m not crazy about the white eyebrows/hair thing he had going on recently – the whole white eyebrows thing needs to stop at this stage – so conceited!

  7. Bertrand says:

    looooooooooooooove Kristen!

  8. mr.t says:

    SO HAPPY for Patrick, I knew he’d do well. I remember seeing him on sean & seng’s blog maybe 2 years ago? ( who scouted him ) I was like ” WHOAH “

  9. Antonio Barros says:

    The first cover with Kristen is perfect!


  10. Not on the guest list says:

    Patrick O’Donnell is kind of like a caucasian vesion of Rob Evans like really worked out, with muscles, very macho, so maybe we can see him in Givenchy

  11. Abriana says:

    Kristen is badass. Love the white hair and the Givenchy Crown.

  12. Nádia says:

    kristen’s cover is amazing! LOVE the movement!

    That patrick guy is gorgeous! those lips! :OOO


  13. Nigel S. says:

    Kristen is hot…
    She’s on fire right about now
    Stunning campaigns, covers and editorials one after the next.

    A Goddess..

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