Nous Generation!

May 8th, 2009 Posted by Betty comments (17)

Josh Pence by Mario Testino for V Magazine Summer 09. (See V’s Swimsuit issue here with Claudia, Kate, Gisele, Naomi and 20 other supermodels)

One of our favorite West Coast agencies is having quite an excellent moment. Between Josh Pence‘s sexy turn in the new V Swimsuit issue to Taylor Kitsch‘s magnetic performance as Gambit in the new XMen/Wolverine movie, Nous Model Management is most definitely abuzz with excitement. Their recent party celebrating their new blog, had photographers Doug Inglish and Stewart Shining and designer Traver Rains (formerly of Heatherette) attending in support. West coast power!

Josh at the Nous Models party with his agent David Todd.

Taylor Kitsch, model turned actor. pic from Taylor Kitsch’s website

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  1. jason KANNER says:

    Love NOUS!

  2. Trince Williams says:

    Wow! Nous always seems to have amazing new faces. They are a hip agency. I saw them on the Tyra show!

  3. Taylor FAN says:

    I totally remember when Josh first started at Nous. I think David found him through an email Josh sent to him. Go NOUS!!!!

  4. Big J says:

    Josh’s agent David Todd is HOT!!!

  5. X says:

    i love you. your body is divine, be mine? till the end of time?

  6. trumancapote says:

    NO COMMENT…)))))

  7. Tanya says:

    Where do I get this issue of V Man…….. this guy is smoking hot. The agency reps very classic looking guys which remind me of the old days when I was a model.

  8. ryan colby says:

    david is the best. good at finding models and making them work fast. hes turning that mens division into a ny style agency on the west coast.

  9. zac says:

    he look’s 1.90, incredible..

  10. Ambigous says:

    josh pence is smoldering, he’s gonna be the next “it” boy, that can transition to become an actor…..

  11. GP says:

    HOT!!! Love his body:)

  12. Tomas says:

    Josh’s body, my word that is attractive.

  13. Trickymaus says:

    I have pics of David Todd in drag as Yasmeen Ghauri…

  14. Grizzly says:

    I kind of chuckled at how much Josh dwarfs his agents. His body is really nice. It cuts in all the right places. Except, hm.. I’m not sure if not shaving down there hurts or helps the photo.

  15. Elvire says:

    Josh? I only like the body totally sexy!

    Taylor ohhhhh YES!!!

  16. kyle says:

    so hot!

  17. Max says:

    If you wanna know ALL about Josh Pence, please visit CoverMen Mag!

    and here the direct link to the long Josh’s interview:

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