This Charming Man

March 31st, 2011 Posted by Janelle comments (14)

Paolo Anchisi takes to the pages of Dansk in an elegant story by¬†Chris Craymer. The natural setting, beautiful lighting and striped outfits chosen by Toby Grimditch, all serve to highlight Paolo’s unique look and rakish charm.

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  1. Michael says:

    Wonderful images, and he’s as gorgeous as ever.

  2. Estefan Clue says:

    “That beautiful Prada shoe is everywhere (Third Image)

  3. valerian says:

    like a younger and softer Evandro! love you paolo

  4. TeeVanity says:

    Paolo slays!

  5. Robert says:

    The eyes have “it”!

  6. Taylor James says:


  7. poo says:

    ya he looks v much like a young tommy mapother

  8. jeffrey rue says:

    I agree with Taylor…definitly some genetic resemblance. Good Lookin Kid


    A great male model here. Really great look.

  10. Mimi says:

    Yeah man. TOM CRUISE.

  11. Janelle says:

    But who is more Tom Cruise – Paolo or Evandro? :)

  12. Yiyo says:

    Evandro looks more like if he were Tom’s brother or cousin… but Paolo looks like a young-model version of Tom before he became the creep that he is these days, lol.

  13. Patricia says:

    Completely agree with Yiyo about Tom Cruise being a creep nowadays. haha But I’d like to enjoy Paolo’s good looks without any reference to anyone but himself – i did until I read the comments. hehe

  14. Aizat says:

    looks like Tom Cruise+Robert Pattinson

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