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April 28th, 2009 Posted by Janelle comments (11)

There is something truly haunting about Daniel Jackson‘s Acne Paper portfolio of sensual faces. We teased you with a preview of Linda Vojtova‘s seductive shot but the whole story is just as good. Iris Strubegger, Sessilee Lopez, Anne Vyalitsyna, Adam Lundberg, Oraine Barrett, Diana Dondoe, Missy Rayder, Liu Wen, Alyssa Miller and Marina Perez each capture the right mix of refinement and carnality while Jackson’s dramatic use of lighting and color take the story to that next level. Many fashion stories attempt the erotic but few move beyond stereotypical “sexy” pictures and towards a deeper reflection on just what is desirable.


Liu Wen


Adam Lundberg


Alyssa Miller




Marina P


Anne V




Diana D



Daniel Jackson for Acne Paper | Image Credit – FashionGoneRogue

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  1. Nigel S. (N.S.) says:

    Dramatic and very inspirational if I may say. There is so much charisma and personality in these photgraphs.
    Understated opulence, oozing romanticism.
    It reminds of good ol’ days gone past. It’s fantastic they way the human form and spirit is captured by Mr. Jackson.

    What lovely images to cap off a truly beautiful day in NYC. It’s just after 7pm and the weather is to die for.

  2. joseph72 says:

    sad that crystal renn’s shot isn’t featured here…

  3. Hannah says:

    Liu Wen and Marina P look absolutely stunning! Sensational..

  4. ryan says:

    Love liu and sessilee

  5. Janelle says:


    We would love to feature Crystal’s shot but it hasn’t been scanned yet and our copy of Acne Paper has yet to arrive. This is just a preview of the editorial graciously provided by FashionGoneRogue. The exclusion was not meant as a slight, we simply don’t have the images just yet. As soon as we get the pictures we’ll be more than happy to share them. Crystal is a gem.

  6. Christopher Y says:

    wow, the images are so quiet yet compelling…
    😉 Great job!

  7. poo says:

    I agree. This is good work.

  8. Idan says:

    yes indeed, this is very very good! love it! <3

  9. Davidanna says:

    Sessilee and Iris nailed it. Anne’s hair looks impressive, the Veruschka vibe is obvious. Liu is good, but not as those two.
    Anyone else sick of Balmain, especially that secretary-goes-dominatrix Marina is wearing?? This is, like, the nth time someone’s wearing it!
    As for the “boys”… Oraine looks a bit like Djimon Hounsou. And Adam looks a lot like… sexy??!
    Can’t wait for Crystal, she is made for this kind of stuff.

  10. Joseph72 says:

    thanks Janelle!

  11. stdoir18 says:

    hi love lui wen and sessilee and oraine they are stunning

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