The Lanvin Look

February 9th, 2011 Posted by Janelle comments (12)

Purple gives a taste of Alber Elbaz’s latest collection with a special story featuring Dree Hemingway. Shot by Max Farago and styled by Francesca Burns, the idyllic shots feature Dree lounging poolside and relaxing on white sand beaches. Head to toe Lanvin and a luxurious setting, some girls have all the luck!

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  1. Gole says:

    Driiiiiiii !!!!!!! 😀

  2. Marty says:

    its nice, the use of Lanvin. But for some reason, Dree kinda bores me.

  3. HannaV says:

    cool pics and gorgeous model!

  4. jeremydante says:

    i generally like dree but these images are bland.

  5. Jamesy says:

    spelt her name wrong but wtf, it doesn’t matter. I feel really strongly about this.

  6. Josh says:

    Love Lanvin, don’t get Dree. She looks more like a socialite then a model, imo. Someone like Magdalena would have rocked this.

  7. Jamesy says:, you’re making my comment about Dree Hemingway look pointless…

    just so everyone knows, i was just saying how i don’t particularly like her. at all.

  8. Jamesy says:

    sorry! i love you again! i thought my comment was officially being hidden. i heard about the delay but the second one was up before the first so i thought i was being censored. and now i sound even more like a ****. Love Lanvin! will be buying Purple for Eniko and Magdalena reasons. x

  9. Jimmy says:

    Yes for Lanvin

    Jimmy De La Cruz

  10. Nádia says:

    Not the most inspiring way to show Lanvin. Anyway, love the setting of the second photo!

  11. Antonio Barros says:
  12. Alegra says:

    Love the shot! Lanvin ♥

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