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February 8th, 2011 Posted by Janelle comments (27)

Terry Richardson has never been one to shy away from brazen sensuality in his editorials, so it is no surprise whenever his work shows up in Purple Magazine. This issue’s fashion story features newcomers like the stunning, Sabrina Nait and Anais Pouliot, alongside favorites Dree Hemingway, Eniko Mihalik and Magdalena Frackowiak.

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  1. Josh says:

    Where’s Magdalena?

  2. Marcus says:

    Terry richardson is a very boring and predictable photographer. A one concept only guy.

  3. Maddie says:

    Agree with Marcus. And does there always have to be at least one topless picture during his shoots? Not that nudity bothers me but it seems like it’s imperative in a Terry shoot…

  4. alex says:

    agree with Marcus.. too bad for the models.. 🙂

  5. khulan says:

    Definitely, boring. I knew it was Terry Richardsons amateur photography from the fist picture.

  6. Marty says:

    Hop off Terry, He is the only photographer that can take amazing picture just with a simple white back drop and he makes the models look super sexy. i think that his work doesnt need a HUGE production like Misele and McDean, NOT THAT I HATE THEM i love there work. But im saying GREAT WORK TERRY 😀

  7. Janelle says:

    Josh, I have to get HQs of Magda’s pictures then I’ll add them in. There are a couple of other girls in this story, but I’m waiting for HQs. I loved Sabrina and Anais’ shots so much I thought I’d share in the meantime.

  8. Eamon says:

    There’s nothing wrong with Terry..

    ..and everything right about Sabrina!

  9. CHRIS says:

    I love Terry , Terry’s girls , and all the Terry haters !

    Go Terry !!

  10. fashion is for suckers says:

    What is up with fashion and topless shots…like you barely see tops on make or female models without a boob showing or completely naked with just heels

  11. fashion is for suckers says:

    what is up with tha?

  12. bamboo banga says:

    except her boobs!

  13. Mango says:

    God I feel sorry for these models

  14. Yasmin says:

    I agree with “Mango”, but they don’t HAVE to do it…
    Otherwise, this story is pretty boring and bland!

  15. W says:

    Some of the shots are nice.
    however Terry should explore new concept with his style, because these photographs are becoming repetitive and boring. It’s like what we see all the time with Terry’s ed, naked model all the time.


  16. RRRaul415 says:

    Who is that in the pic with Sabrina and Eniko?

  17. Nádia says:

    Terry’s work is predictable.

    Anyway, I’m very happy for Anais, she deserves all the attention she can get!


  18. modellobello says:

    Enikos always NAKED.. Shes borderline pornstar!

  19. D. says:

    Dree looks terrible… Sabrina is Hot..

  20. subnormal magazine says:

    this is good, solid work by a skilled photog and lovely models, all the haters need to shut up and get laid, and if they don’t want to see artistic nudity now and then, then get their nose out of fashion and move to Tehran

  21. IS THIS IT? models review says:

    I have nothing against Anais, but… I try, I swear I try, but sorry, I simply can’t like her so much… even if I admit here too she looks pretty good – and I’m the first to say imo with time she’s going to become a very attractive and intiguing beauty a lot of people will certainly appreciate.


  22. Bo says:

    I like Terry Richardson (SHOCKER!)

    BUT I cannot help but wonder, why does he always have the same boring white background?

    It works sometimes (Crystal Renn- ‘Festin’) but we have seen it all before….

  23. Lala says:

    I personally dislike when they show the breasts of models, I mean honestly, there is no point. Women being stigmatized in this society for being sexual objects and vulnerable to male hegemony – we do not need this in the modeling industry!

  24. E says:

    Bored by another predictable Terry shoot. The makeup is awful and Dree, whom I normally don’t like, is the only one doing anything interesting here.

  25. Antonio Barros says:

    Why does Terry always have to show boobs?! Its not shocking anymore… and the style is always the same. Same flash, same wall, same poses..


  26. Boogie says:
  27. bren says:

    the photos are sorta incongruous
    like dree’s acrobatics and then topless photot?????

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