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January 20th, 2011 Posted by Janelle comments (10)

Who knew that bright blue hair and flashes of neon could look so ladylike? Raymond Meier‘s candy colored edit in American Vogue, features girls of the moment Jana Kaye and Britt Maren looking pretty with punk crops. Elissa Santisi styles the accessories extravaganza with sleek add-ons from Hermes and Valextra, plus techie toys from Apple and Toshiba, to create a look that is thoroughly modern.

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  1. Marty says:

    the styling is pretty amazing actually
    i’m impressed my Jana because i thought she;s so boring.

  2. fashion is for suckers says:


  3. carola says:

    Jana K in Vogue?? Guess it’s time for newer girls, though I’m not sick of Karlie yet.

  4. Things I Like says:

    the use of colours is so cool, specially in the photo with the red bag and headphones, the model’s blue hair and the white skirt

  5. Hollywood Sentinel says:

    nice clothes and color

  6. Queni says:

    Sickly FRESH!

  7. Models and Style says:

    Aha yes its Janas second American Vogue Ed at the moment. Quite like all the colours..

  8. p says:

    it’s amazing. too bad amer vogue limits the pages to like 4! its also too bad they dont fall in line and start putting real fashion people on the covers. its been about ten years or more since always featuring models on the covers. it really is too bad.

  9. Christopher Croser says:

    Tech were’s er wear’s the glow in the dark fluro, lights, take me dancein I’m a dance maniac girl’s, hahaha (:

  10. Jane says:

    WOW! Amazing hair – who did it? Was it Duffy?
    LOVE it.

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