Two Lovers

January 18th, 2011 Posted by Janelle comments (18)

Daphne Groeneveld and Saskia de Brauw team up for Mario Sorrenti‘s alluring Vogue Paris extravaganza. Showcasing the best of the Spring collections, selected by Carine Roitfeld, the story is filled to the brim with dramatic looks from Vivienne Westwood, Miu Miu and Lanvin. The girls look glamorous, the clothes look flawless and the mood is sexy; classic Sorrenti.

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  1. Daphne says:

    Daphne is really beautiful. Gorgeous lips drenched in lipstick, vixen expression, totally youthful, a bombshell

  2. Joe says:

    I adore the first photo!

  3. Not on the guest list says:

    Wow Daphne seems to be a favorite to Carine Rotfield, so sad that Carine’s bosses said adios to her

  4. MC says:

    In the first picture Daphne reminds me of Rianne ten Haken, both very beautifull.

  5. D. says:

    Looks like a must have. The first shot is killer!

  6. carola says:

    She’s like Rianne/Sasha/Diana F all put together.. love her!

  7. James says:

    The last picture… wow

  8. bamboo banga says:

    Daphne is just beautiful!
    Im glad that Carine is leaving! Finally!

  9. Fashionmilk says:

    Wow! Great to see these girls together! Absolutly LOVE!
    Too bad Carine is leaving. I hope she wasn’t the only one at vogue paris who’s in love with Daphne.

  10. Nádia says:

    OMG, that last photo is breathtaking!!! Love the emotions portrayed!

  11. Grace Coddington says:

    Go Saskia!

  12. Carine Roitfeld says:

    Go Daphne!

  13. Andre Leon Talley says:

    What’s for dessert?

  14. Mango says:

    The last one is great

  15. Christopher Croser says:

    How many fish did you catch, hahaha (:

  16. Shelton says:

    Odd, since Saskia is TWICE Daphne’s age, practically.

  17. ellen says:

    daphne looks like a clown with that make up and she looks like 12.
    saskia looks great.

  18. Queni says:

    Saskia… 2011 and BEYOND

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