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V’s Discovery issue, focuses on the best and brightest of new fashion talent and that includes a round up of fresh models. Shot in crisp black and white by photo duo Danielle Duella and Iango Henzi and styled to perfection by Sabina Schreder the group looks stunning. As always Luigi Murenu‘s hair artistry is a standout, with bold looks that highlight the beauty of each girl.

Ajak Deng

Rosemary Smith & Ming Xi

Fei Fei Sun

Theres Alexandersson
& Pauline Van der Cruysse

Melodie Monrose

Suzie Bird & Kristina Romanova

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  1. jake says:

    melanie is looking fantastic

  2. Moe says:

    Love Ajak Deng.

  3. simplylovely says:

    These are incredible!

  4. MC says:

    Like Alek the best

  5. MC says:

    Sorry mean Ajak

  6. Nigel S. says:

    Wow… I tried to stay away, but gosh it’s hard. 2011 is already shaping up to be possibly the best fashion year yet. The artists have made it back home and found the purest inspiration.

    Melanie’s image is out of this world…as is Ajak (the high/low lights of her skin, accented by an unmatched stoicism is just unreal) and Fei Fei – brilliant image.

  7. Ewa says:

    Melodie looks like a piece of art

  8. Aylin Reckermann says:

    wow! awesome hair stylings!!
    also i am loving ajak deng 🙂

  9. Ali says:

    Melodie i love the profile

  10. D. says:

    I love Ajak! This is what V needs.

  11. Nigel S. says:

    Oh my, I just realized that I called her “Malanie”…uffff!
    **Melodie** pardon me.

  12. DM says:

    I like i like i like them all! Melodie is just amazing! and fei fei looks divine! and suzie! but my fav is Melodie!

  13. carola says:

    Fei Fei is PERFECT.

  14. stP says:

    wow fei’s picture is eerily cool
    melodie is awesome but i dont like ajak

  15. LD says:

    My favorites are MElodie, Ajak, and Ming Xi, in that order.

  16. FDN says:

    FEI FEI’s picture is so cool. Though I wish they show a bit more of her face because that girl has a super gorgeous face!

    MELODIE is so beautiful! I’m also in love with AJAK’s lips.

    THERES looks like a Lara Stone clone here.

  17. W says:

    Ajak, Melodie and Theres looks stunning in this ed,
    Fei Fei is definitely the one to watch:D

  18. Things I Like says:

    I long to see Melodie in more editorials! She is my favourite but everyone looks beautiful anyway, and I finally get to see Ajak in her new hair colour in an editorial

  19. Rommen | Bravenboer says:

    I love the pic of Theres Alexandersson on this page realy cool.

  20. JM says:
  21. Christopher Y says:

    really LOVE this series of work!!! it’s simple yet very powerful! 🙂

  22. POOKY says:


  23. ModelsbyJames says:

    She is fab!

    We need more black models like this!

  24. ModelsbyJames says:


  25. grace_fgc says:

    i love roses look. Ive seen her in color.. her eyes are so big and blue!

  26. Axeb says:

    These women are stunning. Ajak is a heavenly creature.

  27. Axeb says:

    Melodie Monrose and Rosemary Smith are also standouts, but more revealing photography would allow for the features of the other girls to be further appreciated.

  28. Junior says:

    I’m in love with Ajak

  29. a sphinx says:

    Ajak and the Asian look like sphinxs

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