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April 9th, 2009 Posted by Janelle comments (10)

Julia Stegner and Garrett Neff turn up the heat for Hercules magazine. The perfectly matched twosome look pristine as Paola Kudacki shoots them in a carnival inspired editorial, Garrett is refined in white Ralph Lauren while Julia sticks to her birthday suit.

Garrett Neff and Julia Stegner by Paola Kudacki | Image courtesy of Paola Kudacki/De Facto Inc.

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  1. giampaolo says:

    amazig photos!!!!!!Paola e Francesco….great team..!!!!!good job as always!!!Julia and Garret rocking beauty!!!!

  2. szary says:

    just perfect!!!
    simple, clear and beautyfull!

  3. raie says:

    garret is just so handsome 🙂

  4. Maurren Maggi says:

    too much of retouching on first and last pic…

  5. Derek says:


  6. Idan says:

    AMAZING! i love the colours! this so gorgeous! make up and styling are just WOW! 😀

  7. dbrown says:

    I love the first photo its stunning

  8. aimey says:

    Amazing pic… I think garret better with shorter hair. I say, let cut his hair….. All those in favor say I!!!

  9. gise says:

    i think garret is handome but quite one-dimensional. and this is true esp when next to versatile multidimensional julia!

  10. debby says:


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