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December 21st, 2010 Posted by Janelle comments (74)

Two of fashion’s biggest brands refresh their images with crisp new ad campaigns that offer up fresh takes on their aesthetics. Steven Meisel shoots Gisele Bundchen for Balenciaga and strips the supermodel of her patented sex appeal for a sporty and boyish campaign that captures the pared down look of the collection itself. Yuri Pleskun joins La Bundchen on the romp, sporting layers of face paint by Pat McGrath

Beige is the signature color of Hannah MacGibbon’s Chloe, so it makes sense that David Sims‘ campaign is almost entirely ecru. Malgosia Bela and Iselin Steiro look casually chic in the line’s classic silhouettes and clean lines.

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  1. Podestá says:

    You can never go wrong with La Gisele.

  2. anlabe says:

    I absolutely loathe Balenciaga. The castings sucks (what is Yuri doing there) and boring.

    But Chloé, oh Iselin, oh Malgosia.
    I love it so much.

    If only Sims was still shooting Balenciaga….

  3. Fire says:

    Super GISELE!!!

  4. MissB says:

    Totally agree with Anlabe. Balenciaga WTF were you thinking?

  5. PeterModelObsessed says:

    I luv Iselin. One of my best.

  6. K says:

    I’m not gonna lie, the Balenciaga photos do stink, but… What really matters is the clothes, don’t you think? And I love Balenciaga, especially those rockin’ vests.

  7. missliv says:

    Gisele can do it all.

  8. Gustavo says:

    since when Balenciaga campaigns started to look like Dazed&Confused badly styled spreads? ahahahah

  9. myself says:

    gisele david sims ss04 was amazinggg editorial
    does anybody remember the ss06 with gemma, hanna,erin and co, that was amazzzinggg campaign as well…this one isnt hip at all
    i love gisele but this nooo…

  10. Lu says:

    Love Gisele. Love Balenciaga. Hate the campaign. They could of don a better wig on Gisele. And the images look pretty cheap. The black and white is not as bad as the colored.


    I LOVE The Balenciaga Ads And For Once Gisele Isn’t Getting On My Nerves The Colours Are Good And The Jacket Is Nice Also The Chloe Ads Are Okay

  12. myself says:

    david sims immediaetly should be back to shot again balenciaga
    the freja ad, coco ads,the gemma,erin,hana
    i agree with gustavo balenciaga looks like
    the trashy editorials from dazed and confused…the glam and dream is gone…gisele ss03 balenciaga yes
    gisele ss11 NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  13. anlabe says:

    Gisele doesn’t fit Balenciaga, yeah maybe back in 2002.
    But now she’s a sexy girl and not active in HF anymore, I kinda hoped the short haired androgynous girls from the show would get the campaign…
    But I guess it’s all Meisel’s choice who’s in the campaign. Only look at F/W 2010.

  14. Ewa says:


    Gisele is “not active in HF anymore”???You must be joking or we must be living in two different space-time continuums with two different Giseles.

  15. Podestá says:

    hahahahah. I agree with Ewa.

  16. GP says:

    Gisele looks weird but it’s Balenciaga. Chloe has no suprise, it can be Max Mara or Celine.

  17. anlabe says:

    @ Ewa, than convince me that she is still walking Givenchy, Prada and Jil Sander shows, has editorials voor D&C, Harpers Bazaar or Numéro, appearing in ads for Prada, Nina Ricci or Miu Miu. And no, Cavalli doesn’t count for me, because it isn’t thát HF and because they repitively have old supers or celebs, a thing that Gisele now is.
    She is no Iselin, Kinga, Anabela or any other HF model who could’ve appeared in this ad.
    No it’s just that Meisel has a supermodel fetish at this moment.

  18. Yasmin says:

    The Chloé campaign is great, but the Balenciaga looks really bad… especially Gisele’s hairstyle; it does not fit her AT ALL !!!!

  19. Daniel says:

    Anlabe, are you crazy? Gisele was the only model on the cover of Vogue America. She has lots of Numero covers, ID covers and others Vogue covers. And did you forget her beautiful LOVE cover? Where do you live? Last big campaign was Cavalli that is High Fashion. But before: Versace, Dior, YSL etc etc. She doesnt walf for shows like you said because SHE doesnt want. She is expensive. She is number one.

    About the campaign, I think is great. Strange, but beautifil. Lets wait for the others photos.


  20. Ricardo says:

    Finaly we see Gisele with a diferent hair. I love her, but I want to see Gisele with a lot of diferent looks, like the begining of her career. She is a chameleon, but currently, we don´t see this in her last works, despite the fact that she always got the best photoshoot.

  21. anlabe says:

    Exactly, she has HAD those things.

  22. anlabe says:

    now it’s time for the new generation.

  23. flavai says:

    i love gisele and she stayed amazing

  24. Ricardo says:

    Gisele still wonderful and fantastic. The fact that she not appear with a different look is not her fault, but farmers who do not enjoy the full potential she has, and not produce anything new with it. Yet she can always make a memorable photo, always!!!

  25. HannaV says:

    both campaigns are awesome, but my favorite is Chloé…

  26. LD says:

    @Gustavo, That is exactly what I’ve been thinking. Since Balenciaga’s last campaign they’ve been looking at lot like editorials from Dazed and Confuzed. I don’t mind the mags aesthetic but it looks too cheap for Balenciaga campaigns.

  27. me says:

    iam with annabele!!!
    Gisele HAD those covers and edits in the faar past…She is expensive true, but she survives today because of her oldfame

  28. Nádia says:

    Imo, Gisele looks ridiculous trying to portrait a woman she’s not… I see Balenciaga as a young, fresh, quirky, alien-like approach to the modern world. I see none of that in Gisele…

    Not saying she’s not a great model, but she’s so NOT Balenciaga, from my point of view!

    Obviously, since I’m a fashion nodody and it’s actually the brand that decides what best represent them, we have to eat this up! 😉

    Chloé never fails! Fresh!

  29. Daniel says:

    People, please. its totaly possible not to like Gisele or not to like the balenciaga campaign. But, you can not say that Gisele is past. She is the number one icon. And the last cover of Love was with her… its not far…please. its a fact, she is extremely powerful. She can do whatever she wants. Of course, she is most known like the sexiest woman. But is an ICON. She can do anything. Take a look on her website: different works with different photographers. Face it. And sorry for my english. But blindness makes me nervous.

  30. Hangar says:

    I’m brazilian, but Gisele’s era is gone. She’s just a sub-celebrity and the Balenciaga campaign is a good example of extremely bad taste, totally ridiculous. Lost opportunity of doing a good job, Meisel.

  31. anlabe says:

    I know she’s an icon, i can’t deny that. I wasn’t interested in modelling in her time, so I hadn’t been following her career, but I know she’s a supericon.
    But @me and Nádia are right, she’s doesnt fit Balenciaga anymore at this stage in her career. Kinga, Anabela, Milou or Arizona (from who an amazing Yves Saint Laurent campaign just leaked out) would have been a better fit.

  32. W says:

    Sorry, but that wig just doesn’t work. So far, these pictures from the campaign simply failed..

    Chloe is just same as usual, however, Malgosia’s smile/laugh in the second picture is horrifying.. They could have done so much better with the duo.

    Hope the rest of the picture from both campaigns can make up for these horrible released pictures..

  33. me says:

    Blindness makes you nervous:)
    daniel when you dont know fashion, dont write about fashion…
    Honey Love Cover you Compare with Freja who did both French Vogue,Britsh Vogue in same month of AUGUST, and 2italian covers in 6months gap…Girl who booked 9-10ads in one season…2balenciaga ads under her belt… Gisele Can do anything true, but this image is washed, fake , Freja Belong instead here in this image…Gisele is past simple tense who lives to her old image back in the days… So need blindnes to make you nervious…Time for new generation and less washed options like the image with the green background…

  34. Joe says:

    I like the chloe campaign

  35. Okiem Pająka says:

    Good to see malgosia in Chloe but Balenciaga it’s bizzare.

  36. Antonio Barros says:

    I’m not a big fan of this new Balenciaga campaign even if I’m a big fan of Gisele.

  37. ATP says:

    I think fashion needs to stfu when it comes to calling someone la this or la that. Ask any french people, it’s lame. If you’re french and you like it, shame on you! I know that french is uber cool amongst fashion people but if you tried to be sophisticated by implementing french elements in your wordings, you just fail. Calling someone la this or la that isn’t sophisticated at all; it is just lame.

    Anyway, Iselin Steiro is lovely.

  38. anlabe says:

    I know she’s an icon, i can’t deny that. I wasn’t interested in modelling in her time, so I hadn’t been following her career, but I know she’s a supericon.
    But @me is right, she’s doesnt fit Balenciaga anymore at this stage in her career. Kinga, Anabela, Milou or Arizona (from who an Yves Saint Laurent campaign just leaked out) would have been a better fit.

  39. RO says:

    I love Gisele and she is wonderful in everything she does but I HATE THIS AD!!!!
    IT`S ugly,boring arrrgghhhh
    the problem wasn`t Gisele at all was the concept of this campaign ,the idea was very bad

  40. Marty says:

    ohh please Daniel, all the comments are true. Gisele looks great with the Joan Rivers wig on. But the ad is so weird. I do like the one with the Wig, I wish thats what Steven had went for that. Not with Yuri.

    I love Cholé ad, its fresh and it’s selling what Cholé is its all about the miminal and chic, thats what makes it sell.

  41. Daniel says:

    Oh Me, Gisele, some of the covers of the year: VOGUE AMERICA (who else?), Vogue Italia, Happers bazaar (UK, JAPAIN etc etc), Vogue Nippon, Korea, LatinAmerica, Brazil.. and LOVE, the new bible of fashion. Freja is great, but face it. Gisele still rocks, its incredible when somebody says that she is past. And, sorry, i know about fashion. i just dont close my eyes to the facts. And yes, Freja is great.

  42. julio says:

    I agree. Gisele and Kate are the best ones. And the campaign is pretty strange, but awesome.

  43. PeterModelObsessed says:

    Gisele is not a “Cool” model. Iselin, Freja and Lara are.

    Gisele is the “sexy” model but that ship had sailed. Even Adriana Lima looked old compare to Candice and Chanel Iman.

    Same with Gisele, her reign is over. She’s just banking on her name.

  44. anlabe says:

    @ Daniel,
    Love might be a cool magazine, but it has more celebs, supermodels or wannabe models on the cover (thanks to Katy Grand) than actual HF models. Just wanna say…

  45. missliv says:

    Gisele’s reign will be over when Anna Wintour,Steven Meisel,Mert&Marcus,Nicolas Ghesquiere,Patrick Demarchelier,Mario Testino,Dolce&Gabbana,Donatella Versace,Vogue America (tell me why she’s the ONLY model who can get a solo cover and has the most Vogue covers ever in history), lol,Vogue Italia,Harper’s Bazaar,Numero (has the most numero covers of anyone in history as well)and countless others say so. That was silly someone said her reign is over just because she doesnt rule the catwalks anymore, lmao. who was the leader of the fashion night out show? oh yes thats right! the woman who’s reign is over. thats why freja was the leader correct? lmao. say what you want, but her reign is clearly not over. Icons last forever as seen in Kate,Naomi,Linda and co.

    having said all that Balenciaga is one ugly brand, but Gisele rocks it. She is a chameleon. nadia dear hunny, you do your research. Gisele has had 2 Balenciaga campaigns already and she wasnt an alein then…lol,

  46. queen says:

    sounds like some mad model fans…quit hatin because most models whole career portfolio’s after 10 years can’t even compare to Gisele’s portfoilo in her first year of modeling, lmao.

  47. anlabe says:

    Ok, lets stop this discussion. There are Gisele fans and there are haters.
    Only the ones who think alike will agree with me.

  48. liranhaha says:

    Of course Gisele is not a hf model. lmao. nor is she a commercial one. she is something more and what every model would love to say they are; a SUPEERMODEL. I am not a Gisele fan nor hater, but Im not blind either. Her portfolio is insane.

  49. Paul says:

    Gisele is the queen of models. The only übermodel. People feel jealous about her success. More than 15 years in the top, only Gisele…Freja could be a great model, but she is miles far from Gisele.

  50. anlabe says:

    Ho i never said that she’s not a good model. Nor i said that she hasn’t had amazing things in her career.
    I only stated that she doesn’t fit the Balenciaga aesthetic nowadays in this stage of her career. Balenciaga, and especially this collection, is very androgynous and Gisele is extremely feminine. She could do a great Dolce or Versace campaign though.

  51. TURBOMOMO says:

    I wish it was Freja and Yuri.
    or maybe androgynous model like Tao would have worked better for the Balenciaga ad.

  52. conchal says:

    gisele .. beautiful

  53. DooDiva says:

    Gisele took a risk to shred her most secret weapon: Bombshell wavy hair! What a true supermodel!!

  54. ATP says:

    lol, I never thought people would actually debate on something so vapid…

  55. concentrate says:

    gisele seems to create a stir on and off fashion blogs. that’s why she is still around; evidently people still DO care about her, lol. She always seems to have so many comments.

  56. AL.W© says:


  57. Daniel says:

    Gah Gisele in Balenciaga? She almost too famous to be high fashion in my opinion :/

    An almost up and coming photographer:!!

  58. Sally says:

    I’m sorry but Gisele and Balenciaga never fits. This to me is a fail attempt.

  59. Sally says:

    And David Sims’ work is wonderful as usual.

  60. julio says:

    The last supermodel. Vesatile. incredible. i love her

  61. Ai says:

    Blame it on the stylist for Balenciaga ad. Gisele can be ndrogynous by taking off her boob and hair. We are just too used to her feminine sexy looks. Remember few years ago she has an editorial in UK Vogue playing Bike-chick which she was an stylist herself and was in a short wig.
    Anyone recall this?

    Gisele is like Cindy Crawford now. Her name is too big for everything because she is a majoy banrd name herself in fashion.

  62. Ryo says:

    Wow that shot of Gisele is really unexpected and fresh! I had to do a double take.

  63. proindus says:

    I am glad Gisele didn’t do all the runway shows for the so called “sexy models” rejuvenation on the catwalks. It would have been silly to see Gisele being brought as some “trend” which she is not. trends come and go, icons don’t. She shows up when she feels like it, not the other way around. Anyways I think anyone with that stunning model-esque bone structure and her sky high cheekbones, she can pull off any style. Her face is made for photographing regardless of who she is now, or if you get her look or don’t.

  64. Nádia says:

    This is getting ridiculous… Gisele always seen to bring the worst in fashion lovers, we all start fighting!!! haha

    Nevertheless, @missliv, I’m aware she did Balenciaga ads before, but that means nothing to me. I don’t think she meets their aesthetic now! What happened 100 years ago doesn’t mean a thing!

  65. D.a says:

    Strange, but beautiful. i love her.

  66. Lola says:

    Roberto Cavalli may not be Prada, but come on enough with the high fashion snobbery already. I think its cool she was not just chosen for any random RC campaign but his 40th anniversary campaign. In Gisele’s reigning years (yes even as a VS angel) she always got at least 3-4 fashion campaigns. Maybe its just me, but I dont give a f who suits a brand currently or not. I stil think Linda,Naomi,Christy etc…can rock fashion better than any newbie blank faced zombie. In fact I hope to see more of those legends in 2011. I doubt many zombies working today will even get work in their 40s/50s. Maybe not even in their 30s like Gisele!

  67. vanessablza says:

    Gisele is great! But I didnt like this campaingn.

  68. D.a says:

    I agree with Lola.

  69. GP says:

    @Lora. I like you call the newbie zombie hahah so Gisele, Linda, Naomi and Christy are vampire who never die in modelling.wink!!

  70. irem says:

    indeed gisele is so beautiful but in this campaign i dont like her hair,her natural hair is more beautiful

  71. chris says:

    Gisele was seen leaving lunch with Nicholas and Anne Marie wayyyy back in August/September. It was basically a shoe in. No surprise here, thanks to paparazzi.

  72. Dan says:

    She is great great!!

  73. chica says:

    I think Gisele looks awful. Very bad wig!

  74. Dan says:

    oh, the others photos from the balenciaga are awesome. meisel is a genius.

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