Blonde Venus

December 13th, 2010 Posted by Janelle comments (22)

Luigi Murenu crafts and coifs a special story for MUSE, starring Julia Stegner; looking luscious in Givenchy couture, strategically placed flowers and little else, Julia radiates sensual energy. The portraits by Danielle Duella and Iango Henzi make the most of the moody ambiance of Tisci’s collection, all while showing off Murenu’s opulent hairstyles.

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  1. A says:

    LOVE IT!!!

  2. PeterModelObsessed says:



    Why is Julia Stegner the Go To Girl for those ridiculous Victoria’s Secret outfit in their fashion show?

  3. GP says:

    Smocking hot.

  4. Antonio Barros says:
  5. D. says:

    Hahah. I totally agree Peter! I was thinking the same thing…

  6. PeterModelObsessed says:

    ^ I know!

    It’s like the stylist says,…. this one’s Crap, send Julia in!

  7. W says:

    The first shot is gorgeous.

  8. poo says:

    I saw her this morning as she was walking her dog! She’s v tall. I thought, I wonder what she’s been up to lately and then later today there’s this!

  9. Lulu Leen says:


  10. Estefan Clue says:

    Elle est belle.

  11. Vitruvian9485 says:

    She is Feminine perfection

    On a side note I feel like the first picture has pseudo masonic and occult symbolism in it.

  12. Prashanth says:

    Sexy to the Core

  13. Nádia says:

    The styling is magnificent! She looks so good with the dark lipstick and the sultry hair waves! Like a modern siren!

    And I like the poetic vibe. Sexy but mysterious!

  14. Okiem Pająka says:

    I don’t like this ed.

  15. mikeyd says:

    luigis hair is too good for the poor photography….

  16. angelo says:

    Lei è la perfezione femminile

    Su un lato nota mi sento come la prima immagine è pseudo massoniche e simbolismo occulto in esso.

  17. nicole says:


  18. RCVW says:
  19. EssVei says:

    Love this ed but I don’t like the hair as much…

  20. wendy-kristy says:

    Wow! Just beautiful

  21. Nigel S. says:

    I get the chills anytime Julia appears in print. I love her. She looks fantastic.

  22. seragam sekolah says:

    nice pict, l love it

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