Body Heat

December 3rd, 2010 Posted by Janelle comments (48)

What do you get when you feature some of industry’s hottest bodies all in one editorial? A steamy story that sizzles! Matthias Vriens-McGrath creates high octane energy for Numero Tokyo with a story starring Alessandra Ambrosio, Rob Evans and TaeJahn Taylor. Striking styling by Masha Orlov adds a visual kick that showcases exciting designs from Dior and Thakoon, but the clothes come second to those incredible physiques.

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  1. W says:

    I hate the bleach/no-eyebrow look, but I have to say Alessandra pulled it off pretty well. It is pretty obvious VP loves Alessandra, I am happy for her:D

  2. W says:

    Oops, I thought it was VN, sorry;P

  3. Double Seeing says:

    this looks cheap

  4. Victoire says:


  5. Podestá says:

    Alessandra looks gorgeous. Make up seems from last Marc Jacobs show.

  6. Michael says:

    They all look amazing, but I’m not feeling the leash pic at all.

  7. fashion is for suckers says:

    why are always black models being half dressed in fashion shoots and made into sex symbols…you can’t find ripped white models to do it.what happened to business suits.

  8. glunge says:

    the sight of those two men just made my day.
    i almost forget that i’m looking at textbook fashion 1.2.3.

  9. Mariana says:
  10. Nik says:

    Rob’s agency (Major Models NY) is well for GOOD USE of this aesthetic, and I’m sure lots of money too. And it’s not only the black guys either. Aaron O’Connell and Chad White are always naked! But what does it matter? The models are never OVERexposed. Why is this so offensive? (BTW….How can someone who claims to like fashion be so closed-minded? You crazy “fashion” people, you.-)) Rob is quite the looker yes. I hope he gets bigger and better things in the future.

    How old is this kid anyway?

  11. carola says:

    Alessandra is gorgeous but still not feeling her as a high-end fashion girl… looks kinda forced.

  12. Joe says:

    I quite like this , it’s fun . I love Alessandra’s makeup

  13. cursory says:

    I’m a little tired of seeing this perverse sexually objectified concept of blacks in fashion. It’s so one-dimensional, vulgar, and offensive. Don’t get me wrong, Rob and Tae look amazing just as David did in the Calvin Klein ad, but seriously…this song is played and tired. And please don’t give me any nonesense about being open-minded, liberated, or anything else like that. It’s images and stories like this that make me averse to fashion as I know it because it is such an exclusionary art…

  14. menopause says:

    robs package, ding ding ding jack pot!!!
    this guy deserve the n.1 spot.
    nomatter that he isnt karls muse this guy pure deserve the n.1 position.
    call 911 iam on fire, and please dont delete my comment…

  15. trumancapote says:

    trash couture lol

  16. Coco says:

    cursory that is soo true

    a bit off the subject but when I think about it, I’ve never seen it the other way round with a black female model and white males either :S
    always this way round …

  17. Mina says:

    These are horrendous.

  18. Nádia says:

    Don’t like it! Anything!

  19. pastelle says:

    Why do the black men have to have chains around their necks like slaves or animals? Fashion is racist

  20. menopause says:

    pastelle get with the program…if you remove the chains,big pack by DHL is waiting you inside the box…once you open iam sure you will looove it even more….

    love rob evans, love you boy
    please let this comment on
    thank you

  21. V.V. says:

    Hot photos… But, this oversexualization of black models in fashion, especially in editorials is really starting to annoy me. Out of the very little editorials featuring black models the majority of them have a emphasis on sex, or a ferine theme.

    But, what’s so funny is when it comes to significantly more lucrative positions that call for a sexualized image along the lines of VS or SI there seems to be a limit of 1-2 black models. Why not have more, since black models are so great and pulling off sexy?

  22. GP says:

    Alessandra is hot but the two guys are hotter, sorry!!
    Why always think of racist when black models are naked or wearing a chain?

  23. Mila says:

    @ GP bcuz of slavery. Overall I didn’t actually find this racist, I think it’s a little weak, they should’ve had more interaction between Alessandra and the boys like in the first shot..stunning

  24. irish says:

    the two guys overshadowed alessandra

  25. BENJAMIN says:

    I don’t like this concept.

  26. Anonymous says:

    It’s pretty lame.

  27. Nigel S. says:

    They both completely cancel out Alessandra.

    But yes, this brings to mind the edit of R’el Dade for Numero of September 09′. It’s terribly disturbing to say the least.
    If I were either of the models, I’d most likely tell the creative staff to kiss my refined rear sphere and waltz the heck off set!

    This is unfortunate – and it should be frowned upon for its backward connotations as opposed to lauded for the bodies and fashion (as remarkable as they all are)

  28. ct says:

    i never liked Alessandra, always though her torso is too long for your frame.

    but i don’t understand why people always complain that there’s not enough black models in magazines. And when there is a story like this above, also they complain.

    Just appreciate it..there are other editorial where black male models are not naked… for example

  29. PeterModelObsessed says:

    Well hello there Alessandra! Glad to see you too.

    These guys are HOT! Double Trouble.

    Candice Swanepoel can pull this off better I guess. Ale is no doubt Hot, but a blonde model can give a better contrast. And Candice isn’t just a regular blonde…. she’s exotic, out of this World, out of the kind.

    But enough of my Candice Swanepoel Obsession.

    Oh, dear….. who cares about the leash? It’s just fashion. Can it be fun? Please don’t make it more than it is….

    Ps: should Candice Swanepoel be the new “The Body”? Or that oldie mommie Heidi still holding it for her dear life?

    Luv u Heids! PR fan here.

  30. Nigel S. says:

    Peter – love to you’s as usual – but seriously?
    “who cares about the leash?”…It’s not just fashion darling … no one walks around toting a human on a leash on the streets like you would a dog wearing leather underwear and calls it “fashion”. If it seems like it’s being blown out of proportion, it’s because it warrants such a reaction.

    To an adult, it may look a certain way (perhaps not as offensive) but this is a higly negative depiction to bestow upon impressionable minds, and as per usual, more negative imagery tends to have a more powerful impact on such minds – especially when there lacks a substantial counterbalance of positive black image in fahsion. This is not “fun”.

    @ CT – “just appreciate it” really?
    So in short – blacks should be so gloriously thankful and jump for joy just for the mere fact to be featured in gloss no matter how they are depicted?

    And your one link from the Guapo edit is a failed attempt @ “shut up already” they’re all blonded incase you did not notice.

  31. Nigel S. says:

    With that said – kudos to those movers and shakers with industry clout that are constantly working to bring diversity, positivity, truly creative and modern imagery to the forefront.

    Strides are certainly being made as can been seen outside of this tasteless edit.

  32. Gabriel says:

    Alessandra amazing!!! S2

  33. Michael says:

    Very well said Nigel S.

  34. PeterModelObsessed says:

    Nigel S

    Who are this young impressionable minds? Younger Generations are less racist and homophobic.

    Saying that. I think this story is lovely besides Alessandra failed to shine.

  35. Naomi says:

    Oh right Lily, how about right here:

    to me a man in a leather speedo and leash just evokes a sexual fetish, not a racist fantasy… all depends on your point of view. just don’t assume because it looks racist to you that this was the photographer’s intent

  36. irene says:

    It looks really fake in my opinion.

  37. Mario says:

    I think the insensitivity should be attributed to the stylist who decided the leash was appropriate. But it’s clear from the rest of the spread that the intent is far from racist, but rather a sexual fetish/dominatrix fantasy.

    That being said, Alessandra is KILLING it! She is truly proving her versatility as a model and I think along with her Russh editorial, this might be her best work. BRAVO!!

  38. mac says:

    the leashes are sexual. typical behavior though, jumping to criticize because of their white guilt or trying to seem conscious. ridiculous.

  39. mac says:

    oh, and allesandra can put a leash on me ANY time she wants. those guys were probably pretty happy about it

  40. Yasmin says:

    Alessandra looks pretty good here, though I actually don’t like her…
    But what’s about this pervy porn junk ??!!! I don’t get, it doesn’t even match it!
    I think we’ve all had enough of this cheap trashy kind of stuff…don’t they have different ideas that don’t consist SEX ?

  41. d kat says:

    the guys have good looks and bodies but you can def tell that there new or they just don’t know how to model so it makes it lame!

  42. Jasmine says:

    Robert Evans makes this pic, he looks the best, if you was to turn to this page in the magazine he would grab your attention first… Definatley (Well I think so ) 🙂

  43. Jasmine says:

    … And just to add, to succeed this much in the industry within this small amount of time I think he does deserve to have a HUGE amount of credit given.. Alessandra has been doing this alot longer so should have been the main in the picture I think Rob has stolen it!!!

  44. d kat says:

    i def agree, he has a great look but he’s very plain in these shots….sorry! As a model you need to bring more than just a handsome face and a nice body because if that were the case….they would have picked out a reg guy with a nice body for this editorial. But he’s new, its all a process and he’ll learn how to model soon……hope the best!

  45. antwan says:

    alessandra had might as well been holding the camera cuz she is nowhere to be seen in these images. the dudes steal the show and good for them.

    i love alessandra, but i’m not seeing her “shine” in this shoot.

  46. paul says:
  47. Brian Keith says:

    I agree, the no eyebrow look is offsetting on most people, but she somehow pulls it off.

  48. nuffnuff says:

    SO FUCKING HOT lucky alessandra xx tyson beckford should’ve been in this shoot.

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