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November 15th, 2010 Posted by Janelle comments (16)

A striking first glimpse at the new Tom Ford womenswear collection, it looks very dramatic doesn’t it? |

Comme des Garcons expanding in Asia, a new multibrand concept store in the works | WWD

Who would have guessed it: TV Shopping thriving amidst competition from the web | WSJ

JPG announces career retrospective at the Montreal Museum of Fine arts to mark his 35 years in fashion. Sounds incredible. | WWD

Unsurprising yet informative – Fashion Editors Turn Stars due to Web Presence | NY Times

Google Moves Into Fashion With the Launch of this Wednesday. WWD

Some of Manhattan’s Shopping districts are doing better than others, see which neighborhoods are faring well | WSJ

W Magazine partners with Dior for their Fashion On Film series | Lux Daily


  1. Antonio Barros says:

    Tom’s collection is perfect as usual!

  2. GP says:

    Tom Ford. I die!!!

  3. trumancapote says:

    from the only man who s been able to fill the lack of gianni versace i was excepting way more .. this s borderline Cavalli.. i really miss what he did @ ysl which was mr ford at his best

  4. Oscar says:

    trumancapote, I don’t think his style has ever geared to Gianni Versace, but I could see what you mean by Roberto Cavalli, although I see some Giorgio Armani as well in the mix. I love Tom Ford, but I don’t know if it’s much for his designs as it is for his way of thinking and the detail to make anything be and feel beautiful.


    Tom Ford is the man.

  6. AL GIGA says:


  7. Hollywood Sentinel says:

    exciting…Tom Ford rocks

  8. PeterModelObsessed says:

    The Man is Back….

    enough, said.

  9. Mikelle S says:

    Mr. Ford has returned… and with him he brings fashion, in her true form 🙂

    Oh and A. Wintour just called out Checkmate to Vogue Paris

  10. Gustavo says:

    I had no idea Karen Elson was kidnapped from the Sonia Rykiel documentary set to photograph for Vogue! And please, somebody should warn Mr Ford that Ms Carolyn Murphy´s outfit – and all those bulky jewelry bling-blings – is not groundbreaking, since Donna Karan has already played with that kind of propositions like a thousand times before. Nevertheless, the clothes speak to me, but i was expecting much more extravaganza from his first ever women´s collection after YSL and Gucci.

  11. trumancapote says:

    OSCAR- wasn t a comparison on style but on the power n fascination he s been able to bring back in this way to dead business… which this time totally failed..unfortunately

  12. dreskod says:

    please Tom make another movie!!!
    I’m in love with single man

  13. Nigel S. says:

    Hold it there folks!
    The looks featured in the debut are pretty spectacular wear by any standard. That look on Stella is beyond dynamite – as is the look on Karen and the pieces in the large group image.

    Relax – This is just the first foray of what is sure to be a spectacle of a future (Heavens forbid that we regain our attantion span…). The oozing glamour is worth more than its weight in gold. Expertise – he got it right – would you really expect him to not know what he is doing – Mr. Ford is a master for a reason, he knows himself and his craft!

    Further more – I recall a recent exerpt in which Ford noted that his direction is not about competing in the fashion race, as it is today – (he doesn’t have to) – hence the boudoiresque showing in September. The lust by some for something oh so “ground breaking” is perhaps misplaced.

    He is in the midst of curating a lasting House of utmost luxury – not a fly-by-night, pomp and circumstance fete that’ll burn out before a candle thus leaving nothing to be desired for the long haul. Don’t forget that -hold this in a larger context …beyond what YOU want – serious work is underway.

  14. Nigel S. says:

    And he is certainly looking fantastic right about now. So fit and beautiful.

  15. mars says:

    Tom is everything: smart, talented, ….and HOT….and that is what we see in his work, BRAVO TOM

  16. TpC says:

    at first glance it looks like a costume ball – a glamorous one

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