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November 11th, 2010 Posted by Janelle comments (9)

Twin‘s unique spin on fashion, sets it apart from the competition, the bi-annual publication is only on its third issue but it is becoming one of our favorite reads. This issue features Amy Troost‘s chic downtown story with the always cool, Hannelore Knuts. Mixing outdoor and studio shots into a seamless showcase for the season’s edgiest pieces as styled by Alastair McKimm.

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  1. Sam says:

    Hurrah for Hannelore, the inimitable spirit of fashion, not a cookie cutter, edgy and not for the sake of it, the very definition of haute jolie laide.

    Now that she’s followed Rowland to Ford, one can only hope this kick starts her career again to new heights. In these troubling times we need that dark aesthetic think Mcmenany, think Van Seenus, think Hannelore. BASTA.

  2. Mimi says:

    She looks like Annie Lennox.

  3. rotex says:

    She has a very interesting, manish look. I like the photography in the first 2 photos.

  4. Jennifer says:

    Very cool! I love this girl, and I love the photos! Love it! You are right, she does look a little bit like Annie Lenox in a good way.

  5. Shelton says:

    She will always be one of my favorites. I hope she gets some good campaigns, so she can possibly earn a spot on the icons list…

  6. Eamon says:

    Hannelore is LEGENDARY

    One of my all-time faves.

  7. carola says:

    She looks INCREDIBLE. Do these girls ever age???

  8. wendy-kristy says:

    gorgeous. Love it

  9. Antonio Barros says:

    She looks amazing!!! I miss NYC!

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