October 28th, 2010 Posted by Janelle comments (33)

Anthony Maule.
Dafne Cejas.
Dazed & Confused.
The perfect blend of high fashion and technology, styled to the nines by Katie Shillingford to provide a thrilling glimpse at the future.

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  1. rotex says:

    wow the number of rosearies on the last pic is crazy!


  2. stace says:

    Different, and morbid.

  3. Nádia says:

    These are TOTALLY amazing!!! So dramatic, so strong! Love it!


  4. HannaV says:

    loving it!! this is so insanely awesome!!! It’s glamurous and bold!


  5. E.S.Kinny says:

    One word: WOW

  6. tby says:

    finally ….dafne return ………..and this pictures are stunning …..she is unique

  7. Eamon says:

    i really like Dafne. she seems to have a gothic spirit that really compliments the amazing styling here.

  8. eric says:

    I don’t know which picture I like more, they’re all great, wow.

  9. Gustavo says:

    Beautiful! Bravo! It doesnt even look like Dazed & Confused. They´re definitely improving!

  10. D. says:

    this is awesome. Dafne is great.

  11. eek says:

    I’m underwhelmed by her on the runway but she is a terrific print girl.

  12. trevorr says:

    yesss….she is sooo print , is a ten in campaings , and she can grow up in the runway , i love her

  13. trevorr says:

    ella es el diablo de la moda

  14. glunge says:

    what’s so “thrilling” about a story that is such a nick knight rip-off?

  15. Garrett says:

    These really are stunning. Just a really great story.

  16. Daily Styling Deluxe says:


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  17. anlabe says:

    Wow, she’s such an edgy model. Totally fabulous in print, and on the runway.

  18. chichappens says:

    omg, i thought that was taryn d at first

  19. Hollywood Sentinel says:

    wicked cool!

  20. tar says:

    she is one of a kind. amazing girl.such a fresh air, departure from the clones that weve seen since 200..

  21. Zuriel says:

    She is definitely rising as a super star, she has the strongest editorial portfolio I’ve ever seen on a newcomer… If she can be called that still! I love Dafne!

    And it seems like it’s almost effortless and careless when she is shot! like it’s not forced at all!

    Thumbs up for Dafne!

  22. Jonny says:

    Oh dear, another editorial that copies iconic photos we all saw years ago from Nick Knight and Solve Sundsbo. What’s new about this!?! Fashion is great and so is Dafne.

  23. Al says:

    I can never get enough of Dafne!! She is amazing on this Editorial!! U Go Grl!

  24. Al says:

    @Trevorr siii. ELLA ES!

  25. W says:

    The last photo is breath taking, amazing ed


  26. trevorr says:

    su cara es la bomba atomica

  27. Eddie says:


  28. jess says:

    Dafne is so hot, VERY UNIQUE, I LOVE HER!!

  29. ichii says:

    solve rip off

  30. EmmaLay says:

    why do we never see dafne’s face?

  31. benjamin skye says:

    love it! from WE-ARE-CHOCOLATECAKE partner POP magazine – ciao ciao !

  32. trevorr says:

    she was in the cover of catalogue magazine of argentina , and in that cover you can see her face

  33. Mimi says:

    That’s really creepy.

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