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Just as fashion’s most luxurious designers are heading into the children’s market, Vogue Paris serves up an editorial filled with stylish threads for mother and child. Mikael Jansson shoots Sasha Pivovarova and pint sized fashionista Ava for a bohemian story filled with hippie-chic threads chosen by Anastasia Barbieri. Parental themes aside, the charming images were truly a family affair; turns out the ubercute Ava is also Anastasia’s daughter!

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  1. Leo says:

    WOW i love it !

  2. tby says:

    img the las picture is a atomic bomb

  3. stace says:

    I love it, but it looks more like little sister admiring and wanting to be like her big sister.

  4. Joe says:

    Sasha looks so gorgeous!

  5. rotex says:

    Sasha did well in this, her eyes r beautiful!

  6. Josh says:

    Although I am not sure if Sasha is convincing enough as the mother, this is still a very touching editorial.

  7. Nádia says:
  8. person says:

    This is…dynamite

  9. W says:

    Sasha nailed the editorial. Especially the last photo

  10. hectorp says:

    i will love to be part of any vogue issue

  11. Veljko Gavrilovic says:

    Very FRANCE!!! Beautiful.
    One of the photographs from this story was considered for the November cover. Natasha was picked in the end.

  12. JungleCat says:

    I love it! Nice to see Sasha like this! Love the one with the pink hat! She almost looks like Doutzen in that one 🙂

  13. Mathew says:

    Sasha is the most beautiful woman in the world. Wow.

  14. Not on the guest list says:

    the little girl is a star!!

  15. HannaV says:

    WOW this is so beautifull!! Sasha is stuning I could feel the connection betwen her and the kid, that’s so cute

  16. Lily says:

    Sasha killed it
    She never ceases to amaze me

  17. marvoi says:

  18. charlotte says:

    beautiful pictures but.. yeah.. sasha looks like a baby herself in some pics

  19. D. says:

    Great images! That child is a really good model and Sasha is awesome. She looks a lot like Gemma Ward in a few of the shots.

  20. Elena says:

    Sasha looks more like the big sister than the mum but still a very cute editorial

  21. Hollywood Sentinel says:

    I have a client who works in preventing child abductions, and sex trafficking…
    Some old statistics on child abduction, according to the United States Justice Department revealed some unsettling child abduction facts:

    * On average, 2,185 children under the age of 18 were reported missing each day of the study year.
    * That adds up to more than 797,500 children annually.
    * Of that total, almost that 204,000, or about 25 percent, were family abductions.
    * An estimated 58,200 were abducted by someone other than a family member.
    * Of those, 115 were taken by complete or partial strangers and kept for a period or killed.

    With these reminders, fashion should be more responsible and not depict child nudity (or partial nudity as in here showing Ava’s partial rear), and think of the safety and integrity of children, rather than sexualizing them prior to the “age of consent”

    Sasha here does shoot great

  22. carola says:

    Yeah she looks more like Sasha’s little sister but still great images, I’m not a huge fan of Sasha but she looks really good here.

  23. Fashionmilk says:

    Wow! So cute! Loovvvveeee!

  24. wendy-kristy says:

    absolutely beautiful

  25. Marcos says:

    Sasha is so pretty.
    It even hurts looking at her.

  26. Ashlee says:

    I completely agree with Hollywood Sentinel. Human sex trafficking is the second largest crime in the world, with the average person being age 11-14. It is completely unnecessary to depict children in this manner.

  27. kurt vonnegut says:

    ava totally overshadows sasha

  28. Natasha says:

    depict children in this manner? wth is going on here…this is such an innocent photo session, a beautiful photo session blown outta proportion by perverted minds who say oh look child without shirt! oh no!!. UGH!

  29. Chris yong says:

    This is absolutely breathtaking… It’s perfection … From the styling and works so sensibly to the models (ESP. Sasha) to the mood of the photography and set!!! 😉 I really love this!!!

  30. Devon says:

    I think these shots are beautiful butttt i think that Sasha is looking terrible. She looked ragged on the runways this season. get some rest chica

  31. Bridgette says:

    WOW!!!!! this is incredible!

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