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Nick Knight and Lucinda Chambers team up for a madcap editorial in British Vogue, that takes Raquel Zimmermanns refined beauty and gives it an unconventional twist. With some daring  mod makeup, a few layers of black and white clothing and some expressive posing, Raquel is transformed into a whole new entity; wild, audacious and completely in line with the surreal world of Nick Knight.

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  1. HannaV says:

    it is insanely stunning! loving it!!

  2. Lasher says:


  3. Josh says:

    Love this!!! Raquel’s legs in the second photo go on and on for days. She is so versatile.

  4. loved says:

    is there any better? i love LOVEEE RAQUEL 4EVA AND EVA, SHE IS A MUSEEEE

  5. Mango says:

    The first picture is sooo stunning

  6. Nádia says:
  7. E says:

    I’m not a huge fan of Raquel, but she’s a damn good model.

  8. stace says:

    She just can’t go wrong. Guaranteed to get great photos everytime.

  9. D. says:

    Yes. Please. and Thank You. Raquel is really hitting the Supermodel realm in the ranks of Daria and Natalia. She does what she wants when she wants, and she amazing at it all.

  10. tby says:

    her face is perfection

  11. Daily Styling Deluxe says:

    LOVE IT!! Raquel is amazing!! Find more pictures of her on

  12. kelly says:

    Raquel is over for me..over!

  13. anastasia Beverhausen says:

    She truly deeply works it like no other.

  14. @felipe1999 says:

    I never recognize Raquel for first time, she awesome i love that !!

  15. Sid says:

    I love Raquel. I love the pictures. But the concept? Ah, British Vogue can’t get any more boring.

  16. judelove says:

    love love love this

  17. PeterModelObsessed says:

    Raquel Rocks but Freja is a better Model

  18. carola says:

    She is a genius, I know there’s a photographer and a whole team behind these pictures but she really is a genius at modeling, I can’t think of a huge number of top models who actually have gotten the art of modeling down to perfection. She has.

  19. Gemi says:

    amazing lighting

  20. franck says:

    this is amizing

  21. wendy-kristy says:
  22. trumancapote says:

    she s unbelivableeeee

  23. Hollywood Sentinel says:

    nice model, good shots

  24. Gustavo says:

    the last pic is very fashion museum worthy along with pics of Kristen and Linda!

  25. PeterModelObsessed says:


    I can’t think of a huge number of top models who actually have gotten the art of modeling down to perfection. She has…..

    check out Iselin Steiro… a true Modelling Genius! Every pose is Perfect and the execution is flawless….

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