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October 7th, 2010 Posted by Janelle comments (29)

Does anyone do nonchalance better than Jessica Stam? The perennial cool blonde always looks like she’s lounging, even when dressed in head to toe finery. For this month’s British Vogue, Lina Scheynius taps into Stam’s sleepy-eyed charm for a chill editorial styled by Bay Garnett and the results are sensational.

Image Credit | NoirFacade

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  1. lucio Flajore says:

    the one before the last i give it a miss, she looks like she couldn’t be any more bored but i looooooove the other ones. stam is for stunning.

  2. jake says:

    i certainly wouldnt have described this editorial as ‘sensational,’ because it isnt. stam is beautiful though.

  3. Janelle says:

    ^ I know this doesn’t happen often but sometimes two people have a different opinion, I like this edit. I think it has a very relaxed feel and that makes it stand out more than most of what I’ve seen this month. But that is just me, maybe its not sensational for everyone, but I enjoyed seeing something that was undone in the pages of Vogue.

  4. glunge says:

    3 very talented women (no idea who did hair and mu so can’t give credit for that yet). and with so much talent in one shoot i would hope to expect much more. but we all have our off days. these pictures are missing something special that i normally find in lina’s pictures. i’d like to see what british vogue edited out.

  5. JT says:

    She look old and bored.

  6. bell says:

    wow lovely. the headline is described perfectly! and no no one does nonchalant cool better than stam. love that about her.you can say she looks bored,or icy,or whatever, but I love that attitude coming through.

  7. PeterModelObsessed says:

    Jessica Stam’s distinctive face will always be adored by model Fans.

  8. forreal says:

    She looks nearly as bored as I feel looking at this.

  9. D. says:

    Not her best work, but Stam can model from head to toe to finger tips. I agree with Janelle. This does look very “relaxed” and “undone” than we normally see in Vogue. But it looks too similar to all of the natural editorials from the dime-a-dozen indie, less glamorous magazines.

  10. Janelle says:

    Old?! Stam is just a baby!

  11. prussia says:

    I LOVE HER!!


  12. W says:

    I like it, it relaxed and easy to watch. sometimes no tension at all makes the ed looks amazing.


  13. bokom says:

    great editorial. she’s one the best

  14. Tariq says:
  15. IS THIS IT? models review says:

    “Does anyone do nonchalance better than Jessica Stam?” hehe, right, I absolutely agree, she’s one of the best from this point of view… 🙂


  16. glunge says:

    saw more of the layout – 10 pictures – not sure if it’s the full story. but that made it look much more like a lina s. story. pretty nice.

    the edit presented here doesn’t do the story justice unfortunately. anyway in the future pictures can be reduced in size so you can present more images in the same amount of space?

  17. Jackson Cooley says:

    I think this is beautiful. Nice to see Jessica around more. She belongs at the top!

  18. legz says:

    If this is British Vogue, then i expect to see more – the lighting on Jessica does not serve her well – in fact, i would be pissed if i was her….

  19. Hollywood Sentinel says:

    lovely model, but the images fall flat, and would have gotten maybe a “C” in my photography composition and optics class had in college

  20. fashionista says:

    last shot is the only good shot. the style and retouching of the rest of the images are not so good.

  21. carola says:

    I think it’s gorgeous, first Stam editorial I’ve liked in a while, very simple, elegant, serves its purpose.

  22. Lala says:

    She seems very restraint, almost cat-like. Very interesting!

  23. Oscar says:

    I think the photographs make her look trashy and unappealing. Not my taste.

  24. Olga Shvets says:

    I understand the idea of shooting
    very real and very natural
    as if by accident

    accidentally caught in the lens fashion and style.
    it is entitled.

    sometimes create the effect of randomness is very difficult
    much more complicated than pathos, and pretentiousness.

    I think the photographer and model and the one who came up with this story great.

  25. 100%model says:

    hate, needs more angst

  26. HItchcock says:

    This is a very natural model with icy, feline features. Her first photo is stunning.

  27. HannaV says:

    she’s adorable, she has an angelical face! the photos are great


  28. rotex says:

    I like her ‘sleepy’ eyes!

  29. PAULO GÓIS says:


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