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October 5th, 2010 Posted by Janelle comments (23)

The new issue of French hits newsstands with a bang, the magazine’s multiple covers are always a draw, but the editorial content is just as strong. Giulia Noni shoots Ataui Deng in a unique story set against the backdrop of a seaside town, but this tale is all about Ataui, her presence and skill for posing makes each shot memorable.

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  1. E says:


  2. W says:

    Her body looks insane, those legs are ridiculously long.
    the shots is not dramatic, but it intriguing, every single photo is like a screen shot from a movie.

  3. Elijah says:

    skin is flawless

  4. Mango says:


  5. den says:


  6. trumancapote says:


  7. stace says:

    Ataui is regal.

  8. hmmm says:

    wow. just wow…

  9. Marty says:

    WOW ! its all about Jeneil and Ajak and Ataui !

  10. poo says:

    She’s even more stunning in person. Shockingly so.

  11. D. says:

    Ataui and Ajak need more work now! These are amazing shots: the colors, the shapes, the setting, Ataui… Nice to see something different.

  12. carola says:

    Yes yes I like this, she really is flawless, all the clothes look really good on her. Beautiful face too.

  13. PR says:

    we like her
    we like her
    we like her
    greaaat profile

  14. Rotex says:
  15. Christopher Yong says:

    There’s something so zen and serene about her looks and body language… she kinda reminds me of Alek Wek… 😉

  16. Joal D. says:


  17. lover lova says:

    this just makes me miss Ajuma

  18. The Editor says:

    first and last photos are amazing, beautiful woman.

  19. Jackson Cooley says:

    She is beautiful and wish her the best. She deserves attention!

  20. LD says:

    She was at one of my castings and her skin is absolutely flawless in person. So smooth

  21. trumancapote says:
  22. d&v says:

    ataui you are rocking it!

  23. Boogie says:

    Simple and effective ! Great story!

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