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September 29th, 2010 Posted by Betty comments (11)

The new L’Officiel Hommes smashingly debuts Vince Robitaille on his first cover, proclaiming London as the new destination for fashion. Milan Vukmirovic‘s stark black and white images highlight not only the coolest of the fall clothes but Vince’s ruggedly attractive appeal.

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  1. Kenyon says:


    Surprising turnaround for L’Officiel. It looks like something VHJ would do, but this looks like the REAL MAN version.

    Hats off to both Milan and Vince who looks effortlessly good in this. I would be scared of him on the streets, but he looks good!

  2. Duane says:

    @thefashionista: Called it! 🙂

    Someone’s on the Josh Beech Highway to Iconland :O

  3. editor says:

    spectacular editorial!!
    The styling is amazing, much like the casting.
    icon icon icon..

  4. Elijah says:

    i’m into his cheek/jawbones but a head on shot doesnt do it for me

  5. Elijah says:

    the clothes however are phenomenal-dot-com

  6. Ravenista says:


    His cheekbones are PHENOMENALLLL, he’s like a Punk-Rock Niels Butler.

  7. Duane says:


    I was about to say that an editorial featuring Vince and Ashley Smith would be a perfect casting. I start browsing and I see that she just got the whole Jalouse issue!

    My pinkie tells me that Jalouse Editions’ big guns might match their 2 breakout stars up pretty soon. I know I would 😀

  8. jeff says:


  9. Cathi P says:

    I LOOOOVE IT!!!!
    an incredibly beautiful editorial!

  10. m says:

    don’t like it to dramatic pictures

  11. M says:

    umm im sorry but i dont like this at all. 2nd pic????? not my idea of a model

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