Homeward Bound

September 22nd, 2010 Posted by Janelle comments (16)

The newest issue of Russh takes you on the road with some of your favorite models, traveling back to their hometowns for special editorials. Cover stars Devon Aoki and Ashley Smith, show photographer Will Davidson around Hollywood and Austin in dreamy shoots styled by Stevie Dance; Devon poses with the Hollywood sign as her backdrop in true star fashion as Ashley shows off some Texan flavor. Check out both stories in full on Russh’s newly launched website, RusshMagazine.com

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  1. afdsfsdfadf says:

    Amazing! Two beautiful models!!

  2. diane says:

    devon looks beautiful as always. still don’t get the whole ashley buzz – she looks trashy.

  3. HannaV says:

    Both of them look great but Ashley is awesome on those shots


  4. tana says:

    devon ..wow!perfect but is it me or does ashley remind you of ke$ha?

  5. Josh says:

    I prefer Ashley’s cover more, but I hate that shot of her in the restaurant. It looks like a bad cross country snapshot.

  6. Nádia says:

    Devon looks drop-dead gorgeous!


  7. Ryo says:

    devon’s beautiful.

  8. michael says:

    Devon looks amazing in that first pic. 🙂

  9. IS THIS IT? models review says:

    I have to admit Ashley Smith is surprising me, absolutely for good. Lately I’m kind-of-liking her… well, if we exclude some runway walks, just… eeew! “somewhere between “the unjustifiably aggressive” and the… mmm… I have no words to describe it”… *_*’
    But she’s certainly more interesting than I thought, and I peacefully admit I somehow underestimated her.


  10. Mango says:

    Ashley wow

  11. Joe says:

    Ashley Smith is gorgeous . She is going to end up on the top 50 list here on models.com for sure

  12. 2cool4school says:

    i can see the ke$sha- ashley smith resemblance a bit, she has that same garbage sheek look. devon aoki is beautiful but i’ve seen her do better than this.

  13. Hollywood Sentinel says:

    yes, Devon looks great!

  14. Eamon says:

    Devon is indispensable to fashion.

    P.S. The Ke$ha comparisons are ridiculous.

  15. Jessica says:

    If you knew Ashley you would understand. Shes down to earth and real. She IS the most amazing person.

  16. Breanna Baker says:

    Lovely cover. Such a beautiful face.

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