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A true model can work with any concept a photographer comes up with – whether it’s classic sophistication or avant garde surrealism, the real pros make it work. Magdalena Frackowiak is one of the most adaptable presences of the moment and Solve Sundsbo puts her talents to the test with an outlandish balloon themed editorial. Helium and high fashion all at once? It’s just crazy enough to work and if anyone can pull it off it’s Madga. The tutti-fruiti colored shots with their whimsical take on ready to wear are a breath of fresh air.

Vogue China April 2009. Magdelena by Solve Sundsbo | Scan by Aja Mok at tFS

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  1. Josh Carroll says:

    Funnily enough, I was just talking to Solve 20 minutes ago. Great guy, so dedicated and so talented.

  2. Olga says:

    Magda is fabulous. And this ed is great

  3. RODRIGO DUTRA says:

    This editorial is SO COOL!!
    I love it!!! And Magdalena Frackowiak is so beatiful in those pictures. I think the poses are very nice,the lights,the baloons are cool and interesting idea.
    Congratulations to the whole team that came up with this concept

  4. Thom says:

    Solve has always been a favourite!

  5. Joe says:

    the second shot is to die for

  6. Whodunnit? says:

    Very inspiring. Gotta go take another look.

  7. that girl says:


  8. NICK WALDORF says:

    now this is what you call fashion….it speak for it self…

  9. muzikalkidd says:

    LOVE the second pic!! cool editorial…

  10. Ali Yarkhan says:

    Creativity is Life.

  11. JK says:

    does anyone know what mag this is from? im going to buy is just for these shots! they’re AMAZING!

  12. Olga says:

    Vogue China April

  13. cameron says:

    to JK

    it’s via Vogue China April 2009

  14. C-la-Créative says:

    First I found it boring somehow but now I love it! The colours (especially of the first picture) are fabulous!

  15. JK says:

    thank you!!!

  16. Larapixie says:

    love it!

  17. tony long says:

    im obsessed with these photos!!!

  18. Monica says:

    Wow, this is truly beautiful and original and Magda looks flawless in every shot. Woweeeee.

  19. chicbrick says:

    simply brilliant.

  20. Erich says:


  21. JLM says:


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