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Mert Alas and Marcus Piggott are everywhere this month bringing their signature look to editorials and campaigns, in the brand new issue of Interview the duo transforms Christina Kruse and Iris Strubegger into bleached blonde androids with a flair for fashion. Colorist Laurie Foley, gives the girls their silver locks, while Sarajane Hoare dresses them in futuristic looks from Versace, Balenciaga and more to create a strong and stylized studio edit.

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  1. Marcus says:

    Such a bold and edgy editorial! I like it a lot!


  2. W says:

    Iris’s photos are stunning, great styling also.


  3. stace says:

    This is great.

  4. Josh says:

    oh….my…….God!!!!! Iris is officially on the Evangelista level!!

  5. HannaV says:

    This is really awesome, I’m loving it!


  6. m says:

    Iris is a powerhouse presence here!!

  7. Nigel S. says:

    Ok.. I am officially at a loss for words.

    I have to get back to this later when I can string together a coherent thought…

    Iris is truly phenomenology personified.

    I can’t even look at this right now. brain overload.

  8. GP says:

    I can’t breath!! Fabulous……

  9. Al says:

    She’s so great

  10. E.S.Kinny says:

    wow, she looks awesome blonde!

  11. Tammy says:

    wow just beautiful i love them

  12. D. says:

    Iris’ legs go for days.

  13. Hollywood Sentinel says:

    great clothes

  14. Mango says:

    Iris is the queen 😀

  15. Nádia says:

    I see some GORGEOUS photographs!!! <3


  16. Antonio Barros says:

    The first picture is awesome!!!
    I love it! 🙂


  17. pixcwp says:

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    I really love models.com this great site.

  18. Mary Magdalin says:

    nice lightning

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