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While there’s much hype about the September issues for behemoths like American Vogue, there’s also a wave of indie magazines rolling off the presses proving that print is most certainly not dead. Check out Luke Worrall on Supplementaire,Vanessa Traina/Hanne Gaby Odiele for Intermission and Yuri Pleskun for The Vision. The striking simplicity of these are a refreshing contrast to the covers most prevalent now on the stands. We love ’em all!

Luke by Dimitris Theocharis

Hanne and Vanessa byJohn Scarisbrick

Yuri by Dennis Stenild

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  1. W says:

    Hate to say this, but all these four covers are hardly interesting.


  2. Damarco says:

    Can’t wait for this mag to come out I know its going to be amazing !!!

  3. Josh says:

    W- I absolutely agree; however, I never knew how beautiful Vanessa was.

  4. HannaV says:

    These covers are pretty basic, but the photos are really good and all the models have a cool look


  5. paul says:

    it’s pretty imposible to make a cover interesting, i think the above comments are a bit silly really.

  6. Lulu says:

    Luke looks so coptivating..!
    Shame about the ugly letters on him..for such an expensive coffee table book..
    Lulu xx

  7. Jess K. says:

    Lulu i guess you meant captivating..:-P

    I agree with you, i like the simplicity of The Vision Magazine..
    Vanessa looks stunning..Yuri a bit bored..and Luke almost like waiting for someone to lick him!

  8. Annouska says:

    i wanna lick his armpits!
    but please take those letters away, they are on my way..! lol

  9. Hollywood Sentinel says:

    1st two images at top are amazing, incredibly beautiful looks – wow!

  10. misty cologne says:

    ommmg, i love luke worrall sooooo much!

  11. MJÖLK says:

    Yuri is so cute

  12. Raquel says:

    Luke Worrall… He is just gorgeous! =)

  13. fashion_fiend says:

    Yuri is such a beautiful boy-bored look or not i would buy that magazine just because he is on the cover.

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