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August 23rd, 2010 Posted by Janelle comments (37)

Roberto Cavalli doesn’t do anything quietly; the famously outlandish designer celebrates the anniversary of his label with an all star book by Mert Alas and Marcus Piggott. The latest Love offers up a preview of the glorious pictures inside featuring names like Cindy Crawford, Joan Smalls, Guinevere Van Seenus and Ming Xi along with an article on creative director, Eva Cavalli. The colorful shots styled by Marie-Amélie Sauvé showcase the best of the label’s 40 year heritage and the over the top glamour we’ve come to expect from Cavalli.

,Image Credit |   Fearless 123 @ tFS

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  1. fadsfdskl says:

    They all look amazing. Especially Joan in my opinion.

  2. anlabe says:

    Ming!! She so gorgeous!

  3. jake says:

    joan smalls looks sensational, as does ming xi and cindy perfect as ever. not a huge fan of seenu’s shot but the other three are absolutely beautiful

  4. kayleaf says:

    Stunning! So happy for Ming and Joan…they all look stunning. I love the slightly surrealist quality of M&M’s work, too. And, doesn’t Joan look like their new muse?

  5. mega says:

    wow cindy’s shot is so so beautiful. she would look great in a cavalli campaign! and I know cavalli loves her.

  6. ro says:

    WOW LOVE IT !!!!
    Cindy and Ming are the best but they all look good and beautiful

  7. ciaomiamore says:

    To me, Ming’s the best shot! Beautiful combination of textures and cool pastel shades.

  8. carola says:

    Wow.. I have to say Guinevere and Joan look amazing!!

  9. Len Garcia says:

    Joan is beyond phenomenal. Definitely an icon in the making…

  10. HannaV says:

    They all look awesome, the shots fabulous. And in my opinion Cindy has the best photo.


  11. Joe says:

    Ming looks hot!

  12. Nádia says:

    I’m in love with Ming’s pic!!! It’s so soft and delicate! And her eyes are killing me! WOW!


  13. Nigel S. says:

    Quite a spectacle.

    If only the campaigns were a bit more like this excerpt. Truly stunning images.
    Cindy looks incredible, Guinevere, Joan, Ming et al.. Old school glamour done write.

    You can just about nose the thick cypher of something like Opium by YSL.

  14. Nigel S. says:

    Done **right**

  15. Marty says:

    Ming all the was and also cindy looks very fresh for her age.. she has not aged in a day. and nice to see a great women a color in this because im black 🙂

  16. Oscar says:

    Cindy Crawford is the definition of a supermodel, the highest level of physical beauty in a woman.

  17. meercat says:

    Good stuff!

  18. bee says:

    stunning ming xi

  19. W says:

    Ming Xi just delivers almost everytime
    Cindy proves her status as icon again, agamzing!


  20. Jason says:

    Cindy Crawford is the Best,forever,beautiful top model..we have a new Cindy Crawford,the Top Juliana Martins,perfect Angel of VS..I Love Woman,i I Love Models…Amaaaaziiiinnnnnnng!!!!!!!!!

  21. LD says:

    Perfect casting! Joan looks like a 90s supermodel. And Cindy? What a nice surprise.

  22. Josh says:

    I remember looking at Joan in that Ports ad a while back and thinking, “Why in the hell is she not a supermodel?’, but now she is finally getting some recognition (she is way better than Chanel Iman, in my opinion).

  23. funghsui says:

    I have to say Ming Xi’s so catching

  24. taintednpainted says:

    Joan is so sexy!! OMG. Looks like the old LV ads with Naomi and Liya. Also Ming’s shot looks like that Lanvin ad. Cindy looks phenomenal here good to see something new from her, these shots are terrific. I dislike the shot 2nd shot though. I am in perfect bliss. :^)

  25. GP says:

    Ming is so sexy. See what Cavalli can do to women!!!

  26. morris says:

    @Josh- Joan looks amzing! However, there is no need to trash Chanel Iman. She is a fabulous model as well. The real problem is the racism and tokenism in the fashion industry. You can have tons of great white models at once but can only have 1 or 2 black girls. When the fashion industry stops this practice then you will have no need to put black women against each other. Joan, Sessilee, Chanel, Jourdan, Aminata, Liya and the others to come will all be able to work and not feel that there is only space for one black girl!

  27. fashion_nerd says:

    Cindy is one of the best models! super of the supers 🙂 beautiful photos except no.2 is a bit boring.

  28. Josh says:

    @morris- You are right, I should not trash Chanel. I was just expressing my frustrations of how she found success instantly, while Joan did not. I just believe that when someone is a great model, they should be getting more jobs.

  29. hmm says:

    joan= beautiful. and cindy, sigh: oh the days of model yore.

  30. Antonio Barros says:
  31. JW says:

    Cindy 😀

  32. Jeremiah Van Wagenen says:

    Go Cindy!! Absolutely Radiant!!

  33. R says:

    Ming looks amazing. Put her in the top 50 already!

  34. dsquared says:

    oh,sexy photo,Good stuff!

  35. anlabe says:

    There are a lot more models in this book.
    I call some Patricia van der Vliet, Julija Steponaviciute, Monika Jagaciak, Liu Wen, Catherine McNeil, Siri Tollerod, Edite Vilkeviciute, Caroline Brasch Nielsen, Mirte Maas, Karmen Pedaru, Anna Jagodzinska, Anna Selezneva, Jeneill Williams, Natasha Poly, Julia Stegner.
    Video can be found here: http://vimeo.com/15309068

  36. Marianna says:

    CINDY CRAWFORD-the most beautiful supermodel ever!

  37. BBC says:

    I keep saying this, but they just don’t make them like they used to.

    After all these years Cindy still reigns supreme. The greatest Super of them all!!!

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