He’s Grrrreaat!

August 18th, 2010 Posted by Betty comments (22)

The one and only Tony Ward scores 10 Men’s Fall cover photographed by Richard Burbridge and almost all the inside pages photographed by Burbridge, Christian Anwander, Niall O’Brien, Marcelo Krasilcic, Paul Wetherell and more . With all the recent hoopla about “older” women garnering many of the September covers, it’s wonderful to see the dynamic British fashion mag giving the iconic chameleon his moment in the sun. Read more about his fabulous bio on 10 Men’s blog, and how they adore him.

Images courtesy of Premier.

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  1. Gustavo says:

    the one and only.

  2. ramir says:

    he’s scary

  3. jenny says:

    yeah he’s great but scary at the same time

  4. D. says:

    Tony is so cool. The 3rd pic is awesome, and the first portrait is really gritty. Young guys like Aiden and Alex (amongst others) are doing real well, but it’s nice to see the older men showing versatility in fashion. ex: the cast of the Junya Watanabe or Vivianne Westwood runways, etc. Other than that the styling and photos look great. looks like a good issue from 10 Men.


  5. W says:

    ok, that serious face and sexy legging ultra high heels shot just made my day.lol


  6. Eddie says:

    Damn, he can wear heels like no other

  7. Joe says:


  8. carola says:

    Yes!!! Great pictures!!! And he’s not scary, he’s just a really good model, probably one of the few male models I ever liked, just incredibly sexy.

  9. anastasia Beverhausen says:


  10. peterModelObsessed says:

    He’s so open and has no inhibitions, thats why he’s an icon.

    Baptiste Giabiconi would be his successor

  11. GP says:

    My kind of man. He really stands out from those young pretty boys whos are everywhere. I am really dislike muculine men in heels and stocking, this is not fashion.

  12. Michael says:

    Sometimes he resembles a model version of Terry Richardson. I do like him a lot though, coz normally male models fade away in like 10 years. He is one of the few that has a longevity career. Haha, I hope I make some sense.

  13. marvoi says:

    chameleon who can retain personality in each shot!

  14. Gerard says:

    I think he’s an artist. And there’s something classic about him that’s most likely the reason why he’s always around.

  15. sophie says:

    how many “come-backs” does this guy need!? 10 bores me

  16. Joseph says:

    I love Tony’s enduring prescence. I’m glad to see 10 can appreciate that and respect the man, not the fashion.

  17. Antonio Barros says:
  18. cellero says:


  19. Mark Haile says:

    You must remember, it’s a fashion layout. When I last crossed paths with him, TW was clean cut & looked far younger than here. That he has so malleable speaks to his personal longevity in the business as mentioned above. He’s done pretty AND gritty; and even though he isn’t the Tony Ward of his 20s, has in his favor that men are allowed a much longer career than women.

  20. Billy says:

    Tony Ward is the most beautiful man alive! EVER! If you can’t understand his unique beauty you better learn it! Tony Ward is FOREVER! I love you, Tony! 10 Magazine is so on-point devoting an entire issue to you. Super cool. There will never be another man like him. Tony Ward is the greatest male model ever! Hands-down! So awesome, I’ve been a fan since the early 80’s. Pure Sex and Male Power! I’ll never tire of this beautiful man!

  21. Yu Hang says:

    I love him,he”s so cool.

  22. Maria says:

    i know a guy from Tunisia
    he look exactly like him but he’s still young (21 years old)

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