Naughty or Nice?

February 27th, 2009 Posted by Janelle comments (21)

There are two sides to every model. One is a creature of beauty, you’ll find her in cosmetics campaigns and on red carpets, she’s elegant, gamine and always dressed to the nines. The other side is a little bit rock and roll – all attitude and sex appeal. You’ll find her shaking her hips at the latest  concert or taking a drag off a cigarette backstage.
Liu Wen balances both personas expertly in her latest editorials. First she goes glam for Vogue China in a feminine editorial by Lachlan Bailey then she lets loose for an edgy series of Paola Kudacki shots for The Last Magazine. No matter the scenario Liu manages to let her natural beauty shine through.

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  1. deer says:

    She is cool

  2. that girl says:

    stunning. LIVE LOVE LIU!!

  3. Alex says:

    BEAUTIFUL!! she looks absolutely stunning, now this is what i call asian beauty.. her looks is definately doing justice to asian beauty.
    When all said i am not loving the last shot,, the back looks kinda odd..

  4. Sohyle says:


    Dear, Betty

    Please post something on Shu Pei!!

  5. char says:

    wow SO killer!!!!!!!

  6. catherine says:

    same expression in each shot

  7. trécey kwun says:

    i disagree about the same expression in each shot, her eyes give me a diff. feeling in each of the four photos

  8. Christopher Y says:

    LOVE IT!!!
    Keep up the good Liu Wen!!! She’s a new-born ALL-STAR – she rocks the runway, ad campaigns & EDITORIALS!!!

  9. Nastya says:

    I agree with catherine, except, I think its 2 expression in all 4 shots. I love her on the runway though. She’s amazing in person, saw her at go-see. Beautiful. Needs to improve editorially.

  10. ryan says:

    love wen <3

  11. dong says:

    its cool love her she is runway star you are china super model in future

  12. Larapixie says:


  13. Ambigous says:

    She’s The Asian Kate Moss!!!

  14. Ambigous says:

    Luv how full her lips are, rare for asian girls

  15. elle says:

    It’s unfair how beautiful she is! If I can ever model half as well as she does, I will die happy.

  16. Shiyo says:

    i’m out of words… the last pic is flawless

  17. Edward says:

    Absolutely Fantastic

  18. donewithMDC says:

    She’s stunning!!

  19. Idan says:

    wow! stunning! i totally love the last picture! and the 1st one! 😀
    amazing shots!

  20. Aurora Crowley says:

    Amazing Love the subtle movements

  21. JLM says:


    She is practically one of the only REALLY GOOD asian models with the look and the entire package.

    however, seeing nudity feat. asians is very unusual. it’s practically against all cultural customs, especially when you’re a model.

    These picture are so BAM in your face. Love them.

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