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V Magazine pays tribute to the original cool girl, Stella Tennant with a David Sims portfolio of Stella looking as quirky and aristocratic as ever. The veteran supermodel is still as fascinating as the day she debuted and Sims’ black and white shots give her every opportunity to show her personality and versatility. Beat Bolliger‘s always impressive styling shines yet again, check out the backwards Vuitton dress in the first shot!

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  1. Ives He says:

    Love it!

  2. jeremydante says:

    the images aren’t very appealing, aesthetically. but glad she’s making a comeback a la kristen mcmenamy.

  3. Ana Panic says:

    nice stela!

  4. JASON KANNER says:

    Would love to see stella kristen and linda e story together ( again)

  5. W says:

    It seems like we are having another round of supermodel comeback recently.

  6. Marcus says:

    Ah, this is great! I love it!

  7. stace says:

    Stella’s still got it.

  8. david says:

    pics are boring and flat but happy to see her…

  9. cellero says:

    pic nr1….like a 50 years old in good shape…

  10. Hollywood Sentinel says:

    Stella rocks, V rocks, would like to see better images

  11. poo says:

    Love the expression in the first picture. Love the pose and framing in the penultimate picture with the sweater (tho it gets messy at the bottom).

  12. Josh says:

    ummm…….she looks like jamie lee curtis

  13. Maicol says:

    I’m kinda skeptical about all this. It’s man vs. machine. All blondes rise to heaven, dark haired evil see us through, even in our brightest laments. Don’t wanna thrust, eaves have been lost. But I’m tired of all this undusting of long gone mannequins. It’s all so hypocritical.

  14. Marco says:

    Could someone explain to me why she’s not in the Icons List?

  15. carola says:

    Stella never really went away, she was always there, unlike Kristen, who was out of the spotlight for a long time. The cool thing about Stella is that she wasn’t that young when she started out, she wasn’t 15, so the difference between then and now is not that great. I always liked Stella, she brings life to everything, and she seems like a nice person.

    While on the subject of models from the 90’s, I kinda miss Emily Sandberg, whatever happened to her??

  16. sophie says:


  17. Rachel Merrilee says:

    The shoot is a future classic♥ Thank you for posting the photo of the fabulous Stella Tennant wearing our Mercura NYC for Mercura Sunglasses black filagree frames.♡♡

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