Big Time Sensuality

February 25th, 2009 Posted by Janelle comments (32)

The divine Doutzen Kroes bares all for VMan in an alluring vintage style editorial. Shot by Sebastian Faena the soft focus images call to mind classic 60s pinups. With her bee-stung lips and enticing curves Doutzen remains the one of the most engaging and sensual models in recent memory. The pictures show a side of the supermodel that is both demure and intensely sultry.

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  1. c-la-créative says:

    These pics are nice. What I don’t like are the stripes of the bikini…

  2. Ambigous says:

    honestly, I love it!!!!

  3. Janelle says:

    Loving the tan lines. Such a cheeky little add on that makes it feel real rather than staged. VMan should do something like this every issue!

    Maybe with some male models too ^_^

  4. Catherine says:

    is this in the current issue of vman?

  5. Tallulah says:

    If these beautiful pix were posted in the forums on this wonderful site they’d be banned.

    That awful forums policed by miserable non entities and pedants destroys what MDC is about.

    Nudity and fashion go hand in hand if only the Walter Mitty’s of the forums understood.

  6. raie says:

    she gorgeous 🙂

  7. OabamaRama says:

    ^^ With you Janelle!
    Love the tan lines, sensual and real – Give us more of that any day.

  8. Charlotte says:


  9. Rogelio says:

    love the raw sensuality portrayed in this shoot…simply amazing

  10. ryder says:

    doutzen? way 2 hot.
    tan contrast is great!

  11. Poopies says:

    Loving these pics and love her. She always catches my attention.

  12. lily says:

    love this and loves her body

  13. Hans says:


    She looks stunning

  14. jonny says:

    i dont like sebastian pictures

  15. ์Njane says:

    Hot Hot Hot sexy Doutzen Kroes loving these pics and love her.

  16. John says:

    Any photo of her would be beautiful.

  17. Ambigous says:

    Doutzen can be naked and always look CLASSY and PURE SENSUALITY

  18. Chrissy says:

    I actually find it a bit boring… but it’s pretty anyhow…

  19. gise says:

    talk about doing nudes and coming off as a class-act. doutzen is one in a million.

  20. DaFp says:

    who would say… hummm hum

  21. blom says:


    controversial ed .. i like that

  22. Edward says:

    sexy but nice

  23. sara says:

    Her breast arent that great but I love the rest of the body and her face…flawless!

  24. ali says:

    Reail Buity, i think beauity is not a name of expression, it totaly depand of your whole body confedance i see this tru

  25. Cruchot says:

    She`s very cute, simple, i really like her

  26. edds says:

    See looks beautiful

  27. sally says:

    she is beautiful and nghe^ thua^t

  28. raja says:

    wao sosext

  29. adwin says:

    beauty n sexy

  30. sree says:

    beautiful pictures i very much enjoing

  31. AlexMaxim says:

    Beautiful! Love the first photo!

  32. Roger says:

    Yes these photos are very nice. Do you think something similiar could be done with men? How about a 58 year old man?

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