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August 12th, 2010 Posted by Janelle comments (58)

Sharif Hamza‘s latest editorial for Vogue Russia boasts a flawless cast, unique styling and some incredibly cool shots. The blue tinted moody story features Simon Robins‘ eclectic mix of designer labels that tackles every seasonal trend imaginable; minimal, maximal, plain ol’ over the top – it is all there. Of course almost any trend would look good in this lineup, Coco Rocha, Ana Beatriz Barros, Ylonka Verheul, Jeneil Williams, Dree Hemingway, Sedene Blake, Alessandra Ambrosio and Patricia van der Vliet work each look to the fullest possible extent.

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  1. Mathew says:

    Coco looks amazing in these shots. She knows how to work it in front of the camera.

  2. Emily says:

    Love this story, killer cast.. Jeneil rocks..

  3. k says:

    Now THIS is awesome! Thanks!

  4. Wolf-Man Jack says:

    Oh, now this is gorgeous. Vogue Russia is very underrated.

  5. anlabe says:

    Don’t like Dree in the first shot, but the rest looks fab!

  6. Podestá says:

    Ambrosio and Ana Beatriz!!! Lovely!!!

  7. minki says:

    Love Jeneil.
    The colors and set-up are very reminiscent of Steven Klein who I adore. These shots are ok, but not quite great.

  8. BRM says:

    Ana Beatriz Barros in Top 50 Women!

  9. Tony says:

    LLLLOOOOOOVVVVEEEEE it. So fresh and clean. I missed Coco. And why is Patricia only ranked 29th? She deserves top 20 status.

  10. HannaV says:

    WOW this is so fabulous! Loved it! All the girls looks stunning!

  11. Josh says:

    You do not know how happy I am to see this kind of diversity in a high fashion magazine! Every shot is stunning! (also Ana Beatriz Barros should be on the Gisele supermodel level, in my opinion)

  12. saphery says:

    Sedene looks AMAZING!!!!Beautiful!!!!

  13. LD says:

    I love the organic mix of black and white models. So excited to see Coco back.

  14. Marty says:

    i love the use of black models it brings a twisted that was needed, AND COCO ADDS EVERYTHING TO THIS SHOOT

  15. stace says:

    Coco looks great. I don’t see why they were making such a big deal about her size. She’s still working it to the fullest.

  16. GP says:

    Love these, yeah Coco rocks the camera like a star!!

  17. TKO says:

    COCO killed it. she is the only one that looks like she belongs there

  18. D. says:

    Yes! amazing shots and cast. Ana Beatriz and Coco are my standouts. And the styling is totally solid. Very eclectic but consistent as well.

  19. LD says:

    Was my comment deleted? Why? What I meant to say is that it’s nice to see a diverse cast without causing a big stir. Usually it’s always all one color, or slightly offensive (e.g. Daria in room full of black people). The casting in this ed is refreshing.

  20. LD says:

    *excuse me, I thought my comment was deleted. I didn’t notice I had this site open on two seperate pages.

  21. Chris says:

    Coco is sensational…

  22. W says:

    Coco looks great:D So glad to see her in editorials.

  23. steph says:

    wow i love the shoot in general, although i am not too crazy about the third picture. that model’s features are a bic too ackward for fashion

  24. brucegisele says:

    this is cute! Sedene is turning into a star! Jeneil is amazing and Ana Beatriz is shines in her shoots, very refine… She is back, and Alessandra is always major!

  25. PonyRyder says:

    loooove sedene and jeneil here!!!

  26. carola says:

    God whoever cast this is a genius.. Ana Beatriz has deserved a beauty contract for a loooong time, the girl is such a beauty, just unreal, one of the most beautiful models ever.

    All the girls look great, even loving Alessandra who I’m not really into, and Sedene!! I’m mad about her!

  27. Hollywood Sentinel says:

    nice shots and good fashion

  28. shanda says:

    interesting casting! I agree it’s a bit too Steven Klein overall. But Klein is a great photog to reference.

    Love the styling in the last shot.

  29. simplylovely says:

    These women know how to WURK!

  30. Mango says:

    wowza! what a line-up

  31. IS THIS IT? models review says:

    I love Ylonka and Patricia sooooo much, but here… here not so much actually! and I say that after taking a look at the whole editorial… :/ even if in one pic (not here… d’oh!) Ylonka shows her well-known and amazing “Prada face”…
    Btw they are my fav between the models you can find in here. And luckily they did, do and (hopefully) will do better (“better”: imo) things for sure.

  32. Tinker Tailor says:

    Love this story, Sharif was Klein’s assistant which explains the influence. Love the casting, older girls versus newer girls, great for both Elite NY and NYMM. There are some more images to the story, a great one of Ylonka, Janelle why didnt you post it ?

  33. Janelle says:

    ^ Which image was it? I try to not post the entire story, just give people a taste of the editorial, but I can add another shot to the post.

  34. Tinker Tailor says:

    Ylonka sitting with Sedene in the back ground, her face , that pose, its just beautiful…

  35. edgar says:

    coco rocha back to top 50 women i dont know why they took out coco she had a lot of campaign s/s 2010 and now f/w 2010 she had morw work than other models on list like Ranya she is amazing but coco it’s better

  36. anne-di says:

    coco rocha always gets the job done!!! I LOVE HER!

  37. IS THIS IT? models review says:

    Just saw the addition – fourth shot… so glad, I meant exactly that one too! haha I officially withdraw the “D’OH!”! 🙂
    Btw Ylonka really looks great in that one…

  38. Tinker Tailor says:

    Thats the one Janelle, love it.

  39. Conde Nasty ... says:

    This is a great issue of Vogue Russia, Natalia V on the cover by M&M,sad to think its the last one under the direction of Aliona Doletskaya & Simon Robins as the fashion director.. What were Conde nast thinking ? New editor in chief from Russian Tatler ??

  40. Christopher Y says:

    wow… what a cool setting to feature the latest collections… 😉
    so tired of the models jumping and posing emotionlessly…

  41. Nigel S. says:

    I am loving what seems to be the return of good ol’ “Fashion”. Back to selling the goods alongside the creative artistry.

  42. Marsnoop says:

    Alessandra needs to move up in the top 50 asap, she and Ana BB are working those shots as if they never even stepped foot onto a commercial shoot.

  43. Hanna. says:

    Image 4 is off the hook, Ylonka owns this story for that one image alone. The dutch girls rule <3

  44. Antonio Barros says:
  45. Nádia says:

    Strange mix of girl… Truly unexpected!

  46. Márcia says:

    I didn’t know Ana Beatriz’s power!!! She looks amazing, the highlights of this editorial is she!!!

  47. marvoi says:


  48. carola says:

    Oh and that’s some great hair they did!!

  49. JM says:


    It looks like this photoshoot was made for her!!!


  50. LeRene says:


  51. Virginia Woolf says:

    Jeneil in the top 50 … she deserves a spot ..

  52. anastasia Beverhausen says:

    so everybody’s raving about Coco here, but honestly Ylonka blows her out of the water. When will somebody notice?

  53. kim says:

    @ anastasia: It’s only because Coco has a larger fan following…

  54. Elizabeth says:

    Everyone pales in comparison to Coco.

  55. anastasia Beverhausen says:

    @Kim; TRUTH!

  56. BOO says:

    Long live Aliona and Simon. They elevated Russian Vogue to new standards, up there with the great Vogues we love, French, Italian, Japanese. Lets hope it doesn’t slip into commercial mediocrity without them

  57. tana says:

    coco nailed it!

  58. Elijah says:

    Coco was givin me what i ORDERED oKAAAAAAAY


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