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Vogue China celebrates its 5th anniversary with a stellar salute to Asian talent;  the magazine’s dual September covers feature the phenomenal cast of Liu Wen, Shu Pei, Ming Xi, Fei Fei Sun and Tao Okamoto in stunning crimson looks from Alexander Wang. The contrasting images by Peter Lindbergh & Daniel Jackson are strong, elegant and reflect the unique beauty of each girl while showing the verstaility of Wang’s designs; it is amazing how these looks go from classic to modern just with a quick change of hair and makeup.

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  1. modellobello says:


  2. Beauty Is Diverse says:

    Love it.

  3. Janelle says:

    Also, which cover do you guys like better? I’m partial to the first shot with the slicked back hair and beautiful red lipstick, such a classic image.

  4. Caio says:

    Love Tao. pretty amazing cover (L)

  5. Gav says:

    I torn because the slicked hairstyle is cool but the girls look so beautiful with the natural look.

  6. Kay says:

    Liu Wen is such a star, and the positioning of the models shows it! Fei Fei is so stunning, though – def one to watch!

  7. Turbomomo says:

    I love these 2 covers!!
    I think Tao looks especially beautiful with the natural look.
    But I prefer the 1st cover look for the Chinese ladies.

  8. PixMagazine says:

    Love the most asian girls, but when I thought that Liu Wen was the most beautiful of all asian, there came Fei Fei Sun

    Miss Du Juan and Hye Park

  9. charlotte says:

    Fei Fei steals the show for me. Especially in the 2nd shot. How gorgeous is she?

  10. TKO says:

    the 2nd natural look cover is just stunningly beautiful

  11. Prabal says:

    Can’t make it out whether they are girls or boys..

  12. carola says:

    Who is the girl in the bottom left, in the second cover?? Just incredibly gorgeous..

  13. PeterModelObsessed says:

    Tao should really good down the androgynous chic look. I think this will make her stand out more! She could be the Asian version of Freja Beha who’s clearly the hottest Supermodel right now!

  14. Hannah says:

    I love the first one, Iam a sucker for classicbeauty, thank god the eyebrows are back in fashion (favourite ever makeup, sans dirt was jeremy scott men at work s/s 2008), but the girls faces look sSO beautiful in the natural one. I would buy both, so much better than other boring covers this month (ahem vogue UK).

  15. Edo says:

    i miss Du Juan and Hye Park as well. I also started liking Han Jin a lot more after she kinda fell off the international runway circuit, she has such a wicked face for editorial work! I am ashamed to admit it took me a long time to appreciate her beauty.

    Also Fei Fei is gorgeous here!

  16. David says:

    I just have to say.. they are perfect!!! stunning and flawless beautiful women!!! they should also do mens version too… like Philip Huang, David Chiang, Allen Tsi, Rojam Wang, and one more lol

  17. Marty says:

    FEI FEI SUN ! shes looks amazing in the second cover! the wind caught her hair just right its crazy how she looks. I like the 1st cover more its speaks fall and its chic and classic.

  18. ClaRence says:

    sleek hair and red lips with bright lighting definitely pops and works better for oriental girls.
    and the other cover would’ve been better with caucasian girls.

  19. Yu Hang says:

    I am curious about your taste,The two covers are too ugly,as our Chinese taste.I don’t know why you are think it beautiful

  20. anlabe says:

    Wow, my eyes went straight to Fei Fei Sun. She is so gorgeous. Ming Xi looks nice too.
    I don’t care for the rest.
    BTW, Tao isn’t even chinese.

  21. Hollywood Sentinel says:


  22. garrett says:

    IMPECCABLE INDEED!!! I couldn’t stop staring @ these covers especially the second one

  23. poo says:

    There’s something off-center about both covers that annoys me a little, but they look so good I can overlook it.

  24. The Label Villain says:

    Tao is not Chinese…

  25. R says:

    wish Du Juan was on the cover also

  26. Joe says:

    The right cover is stunning . I love it!

  27. stace says:

    Love it. It’s about time.

  28. Janelle says:

    Of course Tao isn’t Chinese… I don’t think anyone said that she was.

  29. Aron` says:

    love our chinese girls

  30. nina says:

    Shu pei looks so fresh

  31. W says:

    I also like the first cover more. I am also impressed at how they managed to make Liu Wen look bad, and I usually love her work.

  32. raymond says:

    “Vogue China celebrates its 5th anniversary with a stellar salute to Asian talent”

    notice the word ASIAN.not CHINESE no one said tao is chinese…

    j’adore this; the contrast is really bold
    i agree with many others that fei fei really looks stellar. i wouldnt be surprised if she gets on the top 50 list some time in the future

  33. love_fashion says:

    they all got a very similar look, Tao stands out more, others just the same. i’m a big fan of orental eye slanted eye look. but i wish the west would appriciate all sorts of chinese beauty. china is actually a very diverse country with many different ethnics. but seems the west only like this one type of look which is a real shame. in fact these girls are classified as ‘ugly’ from chinese perception, i know high fashion is dominated by western designers but since china has becoming the most important luxury fahsion market, it’d be nice if the west can at least use different types of chinese look to embrace the diversity of Asian looks.

  34. Christopher Y says:

    wow… an ode to East-Asian girls… that’s pretty amazing…!
    i love the fact that Vogue China never gives up on Chinese-descent and East-Asian-descent girls while you see Asian publications such as Vogue Nippon/Korea and Numero Nippon continuously using Caucasian models for their covers and editorials to appear to be “international”…

    good luck to all them… i hope they all have a fun-filled and successful career…

    while Du Juan, Hye Park, Tao and Liu Wen be the leaders of the pack, new talents like Fei Fei and Ming Xi are certainly proving that they’re forces to be reckoned with…

    *also, something to think about… i’d like to see these girls being shot by less commercial photographers such as Mert & Marcus, Terry Richardson and Inez… 🙂

  35. Yu Hang says:

    Most people of yours like the covers.I’m surprize about this.You don’t know,in our Chinese forums,Almost everyone think they’re too low.Especially Liu Wen,her sights notice us she can’t eat anything several days.Maybe the Western and Eastern are different about beauty

  36. IS THIS IT? models review says:

    @ Yu Hang: Maybe? it’s just like an american and an english team meeting to play “football”; if they’re smart enough to understand they mean two different things it’s ok… but most of the times (what happens in fashion and the W/E thing at issue) they just play their own game until the end! A MESSY MESS!!! 🙂

    Honestly I don’t follow China so much, but in Japan that’s exactly what happens… Europeans and Americans who work there in fashion most of the times “just play football on a foreign soccer field”, and it’s such a (messy) shame… *_*’
    PS yes, I love stupid metaphors! 🙂

  37. ken says:


  38. gaucherive says:

    i love the second one. it’s more relaxed and fresh. it has a natural flair to it. the first one looks stiff and seems like they ran out of space.

  39. glimpse says:

    what a beautiful feast! true eye candy.

  40. oluchi says:

    absolutely beautiful!

  41. Davido says:


  42. Nyxix says:

    actually, many chinese dont like theses 2 covers. the left one makes the girls much older. the colors of the right one cant be worse.

  43. PeterModelObsessed says:

    Is Liu Wen the most beautiful Asian face in the industry?

    Definitely the Face of the East!

  44. PeterModelObsessed says:

    Liu’s face is so imperfectly Perfect!

  45. JC says:

    I really miss Du Juan and Hye

  46. qwerty says:

    Fei Fei Sun totally owns the 2nd cover

  47. J says:

    as much as I love Tao, they should have used Du Juan instead…after all it is a Vogue China cover, but perhaps Du’s days are over (haven’t seen much of her lately)??

  48. jason says:


  49. Iris says:

    I love Liu Wen .She looks like sun shine and her smile is always beautiful.Her treat everyone as her friend.It is her nice charact that make her succeed

  50. Iris says:

    Liu Wen is the most famous chinese model

  51. Eamon says:

    The first cover looks like a Pantene ad, the other one is okay.

  52. cyril says:

    gggrrrhhh…..!!!!!! can they showcase the other asian look such as thais, filipinas and indonesians. i think they are asian too. darker skin and wide eyes… those were the characteristics of this south east asian girls.

  53. Bernice Ng says:

    Well done ASIAN girls!!!!
    but on the right cover Shupei’s a bit weird.her face seems darker.

  54. LD says:

    Never really noticed Shu Pei until now. Loving all the girls but she’s my favorite. She looks amazing in the Gap campaign.

  55. GP says:

    hmmm love them. They are the Asian top models at the moment.I prefer them in natural make-up on the 2nd cover.

  56. xxbristy says:

    GOD!What happen with Shu Pei’s face??

  57. He says:

    Yu Hang: I am a Chinese as well, I love this cover and I dont really understand why you tried to play down this cover.

  58. david adam nole says:

    I’m on the fence about the covers. While it’s great to have a cover of Vogue China representing Asian and specifically for some of the models Chinese beauty, I would have rather them shot 5 different covers with each model as the focus and did something more artistic then the Sears model profile. Other then that the cover on the right is the best and the cover on the left should have had a different colored background to highlight them better because the white makes them look washed out.

  59. sunjie says:

    I love LiuWen ,I am a Chinese
    We’re proud of you
    Forgive my English is very poor
    鄙视Yu Hang,你懂的

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