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August 2nd, 2010 Posted by Janelle comments (68)

It is only August, but fall starts the moment those larger than life September editions of magazines start coming in! This year’s line up of covers looks especially strong with top talent creating images that sum the season’s trends up in unique ways. Take a look at what September has in store for you.

Kate Moss by Patrick Demarchelier

British Vogue goes for the unbeatable combination of Kate Moss and Patrick Demarchelier; the veteran supermodel sports a signature rock inspired look complete with tousled bedhead and a pair of platform boots. It is hard to imagine anyone other than Kate on the cover of UK Vogue’s September edition.

Natasha Poly by Inez van Lamsweerde and Vinoodh Matadin

While the Brits are all about nonchalant cool, Vogue Nippon goes for luxury with an glam shot of Natasha Poly sporting big hair and an even bigger belt. The look isn’t exactly subtle, but for fans of over the top glamour it is sure to be treat.

Catherine McNeil by Max Doyle

Fans of 50s style will love Vogue Australia‘s rockabilly-esque cover with Catherine McNeil looking especially feline in leopard prints and red lips. The image is to die for, if only the pouty, tattooed person in the background were Freja!

Gisele Bundchen by Cedric Buchet

No matter the instance Gisele always delivers and the crisp, classic black and white reminds us of that. UK Bazaar’s striking covers always catch our eye, but Cedric Buchet really brought out the best of Mrs. Brady with this engaging image

Which September cover is your favorite so far?

Image Credits | MAGStyle, KissMiss & Emilee @ tFS

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  1. Mooky says:

    Has to be Australian Vogue for pure aesthetic quality. A real departure for them. British Vogue is ruined by the tacky cover lines. Same goes for Japanese Vogue. As for Bazaar, well…it doesn’t leave an impression.

  2. GP says:

    kate moss looks like gisele and natasha poly look like JLo. I love Vogue Nippon!!

  3. ris says:

    I like Gisele´s cover the most.

  4. lucio flajore says:

    gisele’s followed by moss, poly and then the australian’s.
    even though i don’t get nippon’s cover being all about american beauty and using a russian model.

  5. Veljko Gavrilovic says:

    It’s September. THE FASHION ISSUE.

  6. JASON KANNER says:

    Love THE VOGUE UK cover

  7. Johnt says:

    gisele’s catches my eye. Harper’s Bazaar UK covers are amazing. I am a sucker for face crop shots on covers as well.

  8. akasha says:

    I like Gisele! But I’m actually still waitin’ for the Vogue US cover! Does anybody know who’s gonna be on the cover??!

  9. Janelle says:

    ^ akasha, the September cover of Vogue US will be Halle Berry

  10. Marcos says:

    Gisele is the winner. She is the only one who does not look photoshoped to the top.
    All others look like plastic dolls.
    And UK Vogue has to give other models a chance.
    I know Moss is the national favorite but it is a bit too much.IMO

  11. Brent says:

    Catherine Mc Neil for classic cool

  12. luana says:

    without doubt Gisele proves once again why is the world’s No. 1
    No one compares to the largest uncontrollable fashion world Kate only excuse is gisele gisele

  13. IS THIS IT? models review says:

    Catherine is such an odd model: she can look expressive, outrageously gorgeous or flat and unattractive with such ease. Btw despite I’m not Gisele fan, imo best cover here… for september least fav, well, just be patient and wait (upon trust) US Vogue… *_*’
    PS and pleeease: can someone create a task force to steal stamp they use for Vogue Nippon covers?!!!:)

  14. Ricardo says:

    Gisele is the winner for me!

  15. W says:

    Vogue Nippon and Bazaar seems to take the lead of the game with September’s issue.
    Vogue US is just playing their old star tricks.
    Looking forward for VI and VC for September issue.
    and definitely I-D with Kate Moss, Naomi Campbell and Lady Gaga

  16. marvoi says:


  17. yasmeen says:

    Kate is amazing model as is Poly but their covers fall flat and are too blank and far away. Gisele and then Catherine get my vote. wow Giseles face is stunning! can you imagine those impeccable cheekbones? ahh

  18. JT says:

    Two thumbs up for McNeil.

  19. Lester says:

    I thought Kate Moss cover was the best. Until I saw Gisele’s. AMAZING! She’s divine in that shot.

  20. candy pratts says:

    September is the January in fashuun

  21. Nádia says:

    Gisele’s one. But I also like Catherine’s a lot!

  22. michelle says:

    wow how refreshing that Gisele’s cover and story is not photoshopped to the max and creates face distortion. looks real nice, fan or not, she is the epitome of a supermodel. Harpers Bazaar UK is quickly becoming a fave magazine of mine!

  23. indie says:

    absolutely love Cat and Gisele’s covers!

  24. Joe says:

    I really don’t like Vogue UK’s lettering on their cover . I think Vogue Australia’s cover is my favorite out of this batch

  25. jenna says:

    AUS…cat is fierce!

  26. bbb says:

    love kate’s. hey guys what’s new with adriana lima? i heard she’s got lots of magazine covers coming up

  27. Ixca says:

    I choose Gisele´s Cover, so classic and fashionable… precisely looks like a Fashion Issue (sic)

  28. Nick says:

    Kate Moss 🙂

    I like Gisele but she looks a little hard in the face. I still think she’s overly commerical.

  29. Veljko Gavrilovic says:

    just wait until Vogue Paris!!! The Parisian girl issue by M&M. and October? THE HISTORY OF FASHION!!! 90
    XOXO 😉

  30. HannaV says:

    In my opinio Gisele’s cover is the best, not just because she’s stunning but also because it’s a different style of cover. The second place goes to Kate Moss she’s, as always, looking great.

  31. RYDER says:


  32. ro says:

    GISELE!!!! Amazing cover

  33. Kim says:

    Interesting. Gisele’s HB cover is so natural compared to Kate’s Photoshopped Vogue UK cover. I can actually see features on her skin!!

  34. carola says:

    I think Catherine’s cover is amazing, the best of the ones featured here.. Kate’s is good, nothing groundbreaking, but a very nice cover. The others are zzz, I don’t like Gisele’s cover, it’s too dark, and Natasha looks great but the cover design looks kinda cheap.

  35. Bitato says:

    vote for Poly !!! WWWWWWWWWOoooo

  36. Ana Panic says:

    Gisele.. 🙂

  37. Alegra says:

    british vogue is the best!!! maybe its because i live in britain… but with kate moss and patrick it honestly would be impossible to not produce an amazing cover. i actually got an adrenalin rush when i realized the septemeber issues will be coming out! i can’t wait to get paid so i can buy them all!!!

  38. Marianne says:

    Kate kate kate!

  39. R says:

    Kate’s…and i dont even like Kate

  40. classico says:

    The Australian issue is the best, as it echoes artfully the supermodel 90s. I thought of Carla Bruni or Bridget Hall. beautiful.

  41. Harald says:

    Once again British Vogue uses a Kate Moss cover to disguise the shoddy editorials and bad journalism that inevitably lurks inside the magazine. I’m afraid my embargo continues. So far, Bazaar.

  42. fashionista says:

    i like kate moss’. she looks stunning yet simple. i love natasha poly but i feel her pose is too much “modeling”. almost looks like a catalog photo. LOVE gisele. her cover is amazing.

  43. SAM says:


  44. Antonio Barros says:
  45. gaucherive says:

    i adore uk bazaar’s cover and of course gisele. it’s a classic.

  46. Hannah says:

    Kat eis ALWAYS on teh cover of Vogue UK, the Vogue Uk covers are getting almost as un fashiony as the US ones, which always have celebrities, yes Freja may have beent hecover last month but still, there are other models than kate moss. Gisele is my favourite, I jsut wish Catherina had been made to look eitherglamour or rock abill,the combo isnt as strogn for me, and didnt catherine an dFreja used to go out together?

  47. BRM says:

    [1] Gisele B.

    GAME OVER!!!

  48. Marchio says:

    kate moss looks so chic,just like a queen.
    god,she is the fashion queen

  49. Adrian says:

    Gisele FTW


  50. ias says:

    Kate for sure

  51. Pepe says:

    I vote Catherine and Natasha….!
    Kate’s cover could be last season..anyseason…actually…not too suprising…..a bit boring actually….
    Even though Giselr’s cover is stunning it looks too much like the Cindy Crawford’s HB cover also in lace a few months ago…don’t they have a wall at the office….put them next to each other?
    Poly’s and McNeil’s covers rock as they are new and innovative fitting the season, the trends and actually are fashion related….and not portraits of models in clothes…

  52. Pepe says:

    I would love to Patricia Vliet on the cover of the Vogue… or Myrthe….some one NEW…. otherwise its the same old girls all time….
    Enough Kate!!! I love her BUT….we need to support new faces to bring this business forward…otherwise we get STUCK…..

  53. Maria says:

    All of them are awsome <3

  54. love_fashion says:

    couldn’t agree more with a few comments regarding vogue uk keeps using Moss, get over it and give others a chance!!! such as Jordan Dunn she’s stunning but no uk fashion fashion press is promoting her since 09, what’s going on???!!! new blood needed please! it’s 2010 and Moss is at least 10 yrs O-V-E-R! let’s be honest, leave the streety look to pop stars and we need models to be models – the body! love Cat & Gisele! – girls that don’t look like everyone in street and got the desirable height & legs! that’s what i’m talking about! Poly is not bad either.

  55. Natasha Fan says:

    Natasha as always the best

  56. Eamon says:

    1. Catherine
    2. Gisele
    3. Kate
    4. Natasha

  57. royy says:


  58. PeterModelObsessed says:

    Catherine McNeil. It screams September Cover Issue!

  59. PAULO GÓIS says:


  60. Jeremiah Van Wagenen says:

    Kate seems to amaze me more as the years go by!! I love Natasha Poly.. She’s proving to go down with the greats!!

  61. Paula says:

    Gisele is the best ever!
    and Kate rock too

  62. baxo says:

    KATE <3 then gisele !!

  63. Vangarder Castro says:

    Gisele the best!

  64. c says:

    Yes Gisele on H Bazaar made me stop and gaze before I even read anything. She looks exquisite and I usually find her a little boring, but here amazing. Agree, Brit Vogue over-uses Kate – SO BORING. Next!

  65. André says:

    Gisele win

  66. Elijah says:


  67. Nick says:

    Kate M Photoshop. and Gisele B. she will be the best, but I do not like .

  68. nuffnuff says:

    Catherine McNeil for Aussie vogue is defs the best one there. Australian girls are really rising at the moment, not only the big names like Catherine, Abbey Lee Kershaw and miranda Kerr but also girls like Elyse Taylor, Jessica Hart, Pania Rose, Sarah Stephens, Shanina Shaik and Bambi Northwood Blyth. AUSSIE AUSSIE AUSSIE OI OI OI !!!

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