Sister, Sister

July 22nd, 2010 Posted by Janelle comments (15)

KT Auleta takes Ann and Kirby Kenny, in a luxe 70s direction for Vogue Russia. Both Ann and Kirby look perfect in the soft, beige and taupe ensembles chosen by Brian Molloy. The ubercool twins have done editorials together before (check out their great The Shining inspired edit in Interview) but this story nails the feminine style of designers like Hannah MacGibbon and Pheobe Philo – this shoot almost looks like it could be a Chloe campaign!

Image Credit | Adlet @ tFS

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  1. W says:

    Amazing twin models;) not a striking editorial, but love the colors of the editorials, see some resemblance of the color and setting towards the chloe F/W 2010 campaign

  2. stace says:

    Those shoes are killer. I’d love to have them.

  3. Chungkit says:

    They are very dynamic together. Love that one is blonde and the other brunette. And I agree with Will, it does remind me of Chloe.

  4. luana says:

    i love this editorial e and hair of models wonderful woman’s

  5. PixMagazine says:
  6. modelobssesed says:

    i love it, the 2nd picture is my favorite

  7. D. says:

    The whole retro Celine and Chloe seems to be in the pages of every magazine. And it looks really good.

    I like Ann better as a model, but Kirby looks great in the first pic.

  8. PeterModelObsessed says:

    The second pic reveals that she needs experience to model.

  9. Jessie says:

    you can never go wrong with the 70s. never.

  10. carola says:

    Very chic, it does look like a Chloe ad but I love Chloe ads. I like Ann better, she’s a natural. Kirby will get better with time. At least they look different from each other, not like those Erogova sisters from ages ago, I couldn’t tell them apart.

  11. GP says:

    As D said. Very Celine and Chloe.
    I love it but not a fan of the models.

  12. Sheila says:

    Love it, especially the colors. I feel Kirby can pull of this 70’s vibe better.

  13. classico says:

    i think i prefer the brunette one, but they are lovely sisters and that angle — the both of them being so photogenic as sisters– should take them far

  14. Nike says:

    Gorgeous, feeling the 70s vibe.

  15. TpC says:

    is the 70s vibe culminating from the colors/faux film grain and maybe even the fashion?
    What’s old is new again… with a twist

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