My Little Toni

February 11th, 2009 Posted by Janelle comments (21)

Toni Garrn takes on cowboy style, the alluring teen from Hamburg may be a city slicker but she looks every bit the countrified lady between the pages of Vogue Germany. Greg Kadel shoots Toni alongside ponies, peonies and the sprawling landscape of the high plains. The western styling by Katie Mossman brings the whole look together creating a compelling and sexy vision of the wild west.

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  1. Charlotte says:


  2. Model Whispers says:

    Toni is my favorite of the “now” girls.

  3. Joe says:

    the first image looks overly photoshopped . Keep it down with the gaussian blur .
    I love the cover though . Natalie Vodianova with new jaw bones .Das ist cool

  4. C-la-Créative says:

    Beautiful! This girl is so great!

  5. DKlover says:

    WOW these are so so great. I love all of them im just not crazy about the cover.

  6. ryder says:

    brightest star on the scene

  7. ryder says:

    p.s. i remeber that vogue germany cover with h.rhoda, this one is way way better!!!

  8. joyridejaunt says:

    She is beautiful, but her facial expression doesn’t seem very versatile.

  9. jamaican says:

    wow toni is definately to die for she is absolutely gorgeous , the epitome of what a super model should look like.

  10. Lily says:

    Please credit the source of the scans.

  11. Idan says:

    love it! simply amazing and gorgeous! love the styling and make up!

  12. POLARIS says:

    such a classic face, a true star…

  13. DâNCAN says:

    a SIMETRic face with a diferent kind of drama in THE EYES, with an hypinotic blue, an classic strong traces on the face… THAt’s what we call of star!

  14. jeremydante says:

    those eyes. unbelieveable.
    + j e r e m y d a n t e . w o r d p r e s s . c o m

  15. shy87 says:

    wow, stunning.

  16. gabrielle says:

    i love her. wether it be on the runway or in print she looks amazing. i love her soft side as well as the harsh

  17. Betty says:

    Greg Kadel’s studio sent it to us themselves.. They are very proud of the story!


  18. Lily says:

    Thanks for the reply:)

  19. marco says:

    So beautiful.

  20. trumancapote says:

    after steven klein now another photographer into horse…

  21. FF says:

    Toni is absolutely amazing, i find her a little bit similar with julia stegner

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