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June 22nd, 2010 Posted by Janelle comments (85)

The battle for sexiest model continues and you better believe that Adriana Lima isn’t giving up the title without a fight. V Spain showcases the supermodel’s sensuous side with an alluring cover by Mario Sorrenti. The combination of Adriana’s come hither gaze, the barely there lingerie and Sorrenti’s signature slinky style, makes for a powerful image.

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  1. james says:

    HOT DAMN. ADRIANA LIMA looking sexy as f… one of the women i will always want if only she wasn’t married but if she gave me the chance…

  2. jason kanner says:

    What a beautiful picture of the sexiest woman on the planet

  3. Anne D says:

    WOW! She looks great.

  4. ramir says:

    wow my idol is so hot i love it

  5. Savanna says:

    Werk! She looks amazing and I love the baby blue/yellow combo for some reason.

  6. Ricardo says:

    Adriana is so HOT!!!!!

  7. Alegra says:

    shes is flawlessss!

  8. ro says:

    she is so perfect !!!! i’m dying to see her in the Loewe ad for s/s

  9. Calvin says:

    Adriana is one of the reasons I got so pulled into the world of fashion. Bitch is HOT and this cover proves it without a shadow of a doubt. Lady Lima is no joke!

  10. W says:

    That is one hot cover!
    Adriana is damn sexy.

  11. opfa says:

    hot! would like to see her do some more edgy stuff though. we all know she does the hot thing well.

  12. catherine says:

    miss lima is the most sexiest and the most beautiful model ever

  13. Mona says:

    Wow! Amazing! VSpain is sooooo great and the cover is really artistic! Congrats!

  14. Netto says:

    oH MY gOSH!!

  15. Mango says:


  16. Márcia says:

    She don’t need any fight, SHE’S THE SEXIEST!

  17. K says:

    Adriana deserves this…so tired of seeing the gap-toothed blondes get the exposure and acceptance from the fashion world. It’s too bad this isn’t V (USA edition).

  18. Chungkit says:

    Major for Miss LIma! Sorrenti’s portraits are always so dark and super sexy!

  19. Michael says:

    Adriana Lima NEEDS DESPERATELY to enter the icon list!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  20. Savanna says:

    I agree! She should be on the Icons list!

  21. Carlos says:

    She is amazing!!!! VSpain rocks with this cover!!!

  22. andrei says:

    yeah adriana should be on the icons list too number 1 list

  23. johnccx says:

    p star?

  24. julien says:

    i love the cover she looks like she really back again

  25. carola says:

    WOW. That is just GREAT, been following her career for 13 years, such a beauty..

  26. maryse says:

    adriana is back on the scene i love it

  27. andreka says:

    couldn’t find a sexier model than she. afterall that is what she does BEST,. its her “genre” of mdoeling.

  28. v says:

    the most beautiful

  29. neleh says:

    she the GLAMAZON and she deserve to be on the cover of a high fashion magazine and should put her on the icons list cause she’s a triple threat

  30. sierra says:

    the cover was really hot i can’t wait to see whats inside of it

  31. peterModelObsessed says:

    This is too vulgar or desperate to be sexy. I understand that Adriana is in a “Fight” for the sexiest title, but they could use her secret weapon more, her eyes!

    Speaking of sexiest……i think Lara Stone won the title just by her face alone. That girl exudes sex appeal…..raw, uninhabited, dirty, glam, retro, cool, Sophisticated, naked and in your face……no props needed.

    What do you think?

  32. VampireHorde says:

    Wow! This one is mine! HONK HONK!

  33. jervis says:

    the most sexiest and the most beautiful women on earth in my opinion

  34. christina says:

    adriana lima for the icons list

  35. Shane says:

    Adriana is the sexiest and no other model can match her.

  36. saffwan says:

    yes! adriana should be in icon list..

  37. Uncle Sam says:

    you cant top adriana lima

  38. tamara says:

    wow very sexy hot edgy beautiful cover and yes adriana should be on the icons list cause she more famous than most of the girls there on that list

  39. adam says:

    she’s so hot on this cover it’s my first time seeing her on this mag really loving it

  40. Garrett says:


  41. carlos says:

    Just got the issue!! This is Amazing!! Adriana looks great and the other girls too!! Just got the issue and it is the best!!!

  42. Nádia says:

    LOVE!!! That’s all I can say!!!

    She just rock it!

  43. saffwan says:

    carlos, is isabeli fontana there?

  44. Leandro says:

    omg so nice very hot.

  45. sinead says:

    super hot hot hot

  46. Claudia says:

    She’s GORGEOUS

  47. satomi says:

    i love adriana how come she’s not on the icons list she should be there too and doutzen too

  48. Kim says:

    petermodelobsessed, I disagree. If Lara or Kate Moss were doing that same exact pose on the cover of V Spain, no one would be saying squat about vulgarity.

  49. D. says:

    YES YES YES… why cant this be the V cover here..???

  50. lovesane says:

    yes Kim you are correct. its because of adriana’s face and expressions. lara and kate’s faces are edgier so its comes across in a different manner. It takes more than one v mag and 2 vogue covers to be on the icons list.

  51. TpC says:

    even before I knew her name as a new VS model, I knew this girl was going to be the IT girl as time went on… Sexy as ever!

  52. Nelson Almeida says:

    “V” for Very Hot!

  53. Oscar says:

    I didn’t even know there was a V Spain.

  54. peterModelObsessed says:

    I stick by it. Lara stone brushing her teeth is sexier than Adriana Lima.

  55. peterModelObsessed says:

    I know Lara and Kate falls in the same category but Lara’s is more seductive than Kate. Although Kate is more prettier than Adriana.

  56. Hollywood Sentinel says:

    V Rocks, Adriana is a goddess, amazing photography, stunning beauty – great work here

  57. ro says:

    adriana is been modeling for 14 years and she did in the beging of her career all the VOGUES , ELLE , FLAUNT ,GQ, COSMOPOLITAN,MARIE CLAIRE etc all the shows in NY ,MILAN and PARIS until 2005 and a lot of campaigns,
    this year is celebrating 10 years as an Angel and 11 years with Victoria’s Secret. Worked with all the majors photografers like Mario Testino ,Steven Meisel ,Mario Sorerenti , Inez Van Lamsweerde & Vinoodh Matadin. research about her career before saying something

  58. nayara says:

    No no no, Lara Stone is indeed one hell of a model, but just for high fashion, yes her eyes can transmit sexyness but her overall look, teeth, etc just can’t be classified as sexy! Adriana Lima though is without a daubt THE sexiest woman i’ve ever seen and this picture straight up prooves my point!! 🙂

  59. carlos says:

    Yes Isabelli is there!!

  60. H.8282 says:

    really nice , but ppl must have respact to beauty its dosent metter our or others,

  61. marat says:

    adriana is smoking hot i love this one

  62. Nigel S. says:

    Adriana is Indeed damn sexy!

    The cover image is quite a stunning declaration.
    She is certainly one of the sexiest women around..thee sexiest? Not in my opine, I personally find Helena Christensen and Isabeli more sexy. But again.. that is my taste on the matter.

    Though, Adriana IS a complete sex bomb in the traditional vain, whilst introducing to the genre an unprecedented aire of sophistication, class, poise, cleanliness and wit.

    There is such a sync between V & Spain

  63. peterModelObsessed says:

    @nayara girl, don’t even go there…..Stone is Italian Vogue sexy. which is all that matters…….Lima’s cover is straight up Maxim. for reals!

  64. gemma says:

    adriana is the best damn thing ever she rules

  65. peterModelObsessed says:

    You’re wrong Dear Nigel S……I think Isabelli Fontana bridges the Gap of Sophistication and Classiness of being a Common man’s Sex Symbol.

  66. jai says:

    adriana is the best model in the world she’s a stunner

  67. wadeson says:

    to ro: um I dont recall hjalf of those things, shows the “iconic” impact she has made, lol. you cant just do any of those things once, its takes alot more. All the girls on icons list are consistent with their prestigious work. not for just one or two forgettable seasons. can’t wait to see Isabeli’s now there is a model who can pull off edgy and sexy perfectly! she rarely ever looks vulgar and cheap.

  68. dennis says:

    i love the cover really sexy edgy and classy

  69. wadeson says:

    Adriana has her perfect ranking on MDC. sexiest models. that is her game. leave it be.
    she is a victorias secret icon, not a model icon.

  70. barbra says:

    i still do think she still needs to be on the icons list cause she’s the best period

  71. mariabella says:

    i thought she was hot when she was a virgin, but now that shes not and has a baby girlfriend makes me wish i was a lesbian

  72. trind says:

    i dont want to get to disgusing but, my bf wants to have a three way, ive been saying no but, for Mrs. Jaric I’d say yes

  73. search for Christopher Croser in myspace says:

    Hi sexy lady’s

  74. ro says:

    to wadeson : I didn’t say she should be on the icon list I just sayed that people don’t know her career and she did all those things that I sayed more than once but she got a Victoria’s Secret Angel Contract and a Maybelline contract right in the beggining in 2000 and her agency decided that she doesn’t need to spend a lot of time doing more fashion jobs because her contracts were closed in millions and was not worth it for her anymore.
    there is a fan website of Adriana with almost everything she has done in her career

    The only thing she has to move to the icon list is the time that she has been modeling 14 years and the fact that she is a household name …and the that she is the 4th highest payed model in the worls for 8 years

  75. Nigel S. says:

    Peter darling.
    You totally missed my point.
    Please reread.

  76. wendy-kristy says:
  77. peterModelObsessed says:

    to the Ubiquitous Mister S….please disregard, i totally did. Oh well my bad.

    What’s new with Isabelli nowadays?

  78. saffwan says:

    yes, any appearance of isabeli in F/W 10 ad campaign? she deserves more.

  79. bbb says:

    lets face it, ppl hate her cause she’s hot, pretty, wildly sexy. i mean come on when it comes to looks, she’s way hotter than lara gisele and let me not even mention kate. she’s done dozens of campaigns, series of catwalks and hundreds of covers and editorials

  80. bbb says:

    lets face it, ppl hate her cause she’s hot, pretty, wildly sexy. i mean come on when it comes to looks, she’s way hotter than lara gisele and let me not even mention kate. she’s done dozens of campaigns, series of catwalks and hundreds of covers and editorials. she’s just better than all of them

  81. bbb says:

    the only years she didn’t do catwalks were 2007 and 2008

  82. thao says:

    love her so much!she’s very hot and beautiful girl,the best model in the world

  83. tony says:

    She is the woman I always wanted to have.
    I love her. She is amazing.

  84. Amit from India says:

    She is matchless in all the world over. She is unexplainable sexy.

  85. Habila Dogara says:

    Ha! Extra-ordinary

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