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June 18th, 2010 Posted by Betty comments (18)

This month’s American Vogue declares that “Girls who once dressed for their inner rocker don’t want to hum that tune anymore“. This return to the clean and classic is epitomized in this appealing Vogue Russia editorial by Ben Weller. Featuring the mysterious Antonella Graef, the Simon Robins styled jewelry editorial reveals the flirtatious and seductive side of the Argentine who wears the season’s prettiest accessories. As Marilyn Monroe said best, “Talk to me Harry Winston”!

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  1. W says:

    adorable editorial;]


  2. Luna says:

    Only American Vogue would say that.
    Only American Vogue would publish this story.

  3. Mango says:

    I love the second image!

  4. peterModelObsessed says:

    The last picture is just a bad “Milk” commercial……oh wait, its a jewelry shoot!

  5. dp says:

    she looks like brooklyn decker – commercially and all.

  6. Lasher says:

    Is not american vogue but russian vogue…….sooo bad anyway

  7. Chungkit says:

    Antonella is strangely beautiful. Interested in seeing more of her… http://www.chungkitblog.wordpress.com

  8. Callum says:

    very nice, healthy and happy

  9. All about Models says:

    Antonella loos so cute in it !!!

  10. BF says:

    hey luna its in vogue russia not american vogue, maybe two vogues would publish it, probably a few more two, its classic i don’t mind it, don’t love it.

  11. Ashleigh says:

    ‘This month’s American Vogue declares that “Girls who once dressed for their inner rocker don’t want to hum that tune anymore“.

    Once again American Vogue has no idea what it’s talking about, and the fashion industry is trying to squelch individuality and dictate to female consumers what the trends should be.

  12. stace says:

    Nice hands

  13. carola says:

    2nd pic is great, the rest are just weird. Antonella is gorgeous, I didn’t like her at first but I “get” her now, but still, a lot of her editorials look awkward.

  14. page says:

    she’s so cute

  15. Saoirse says:

    An editorals which remind of Alasdair Mclelllen photo works, but maybe wihtout the soul. Antonella has a beauty, but not here, is a strange

  16. athena says:


  17. JT says:

    Such a bad editorial. Too bad, as Antonella is truly a beautiful girl.

  18. Jakob says:

    “Lily:I don’t understand this editorial either but maybe the Russians will like it.”
    I am Russian, but..nope) Maybe some special Russian will, but I dont like it either
    The girl is quite nice, but the editorial itself simply senseless, or even silly

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