Jac of All Trades

June 16th, 2010 Posted by Betty comments (23)

Craig McDean shoots, Karl Templer styles and Jac hits it out of the park in a dynamic new editorial for Interview with the best bathing suits around. Summer is finally here.

images courtesy of Gaga Models Poland

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  1. Gustavo says:

    what a tragic situation at Interview magazine…lack of money, lack of interest in fashion, lack of a good location to take pics, lack of good people in charge of retouching the pictures….
    i´d sell a kidney to the spirits above so they could bring back Andy Warhol. That guy could make Interview magazine rock these days!

  2. Alegra says:

    she is beautiful!

  3. Joe says:

    Love the two middle images

  4. The Editor says:

    i know that girl

  5. Chungkit says:
  6. All about Models says:
  7. lara says:

    I think she could become a superstar!

  8. Trevor says:

    she looks like Maryna Linchuk in the last shot but these are fantastic…such a 70s vibe to it


  9. AJP says:

    I’m liking the bangs!

  10. james says:

    great editorial, very ID !

  11. Mathew says:

    i love it so much but that first pic looks nothing like her…and it looks kinda weird. very werid.

  12. W says:

    Love the ed;]
    great job..


  13. Oscar says:

    These images are good. Make her look more womanly.

  14. Amiialaya says:

    the third image is magic 🙂

  15. IS THIS IT? models review says:

    I don’t love this to death but… how can I not love Monika even in here?!!! Well, no, I JUST CAN’T: I love her here too…. 🙂


  16. Jill says:

    God i love Jac!!! she is my fav model right now!

  17. BaileyBanks says:

    WOW! Love these of Jac.

  18. Mango says:

    Impressive. I enjoy her work!

  19. Natasha says:

    Mmm k clearly im the only one who thinks is nothign special at all.

  20. Hollywood Sentinel says:

    there would not be enough room to swing the bat in the top image due to the fence, however, the composition of the images are nice, and great model

  21. D. says:

    Jac keeps getting better and better. Great McDean shots for Interview yet again.


  22. marcus says:

    Jac is beautiful, but why is everyone seemingly so keen to sexualise her so young?.

  23. TpC says:

    not impressed – most of these shots should’ve been deleted

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